Swamy A Riddle

It is only the will of God to incarnate himself into a Satpurusha like Sri Swamy among us, the ignorant worldly-minded materialists. It will be a quite mystery to those who recognized Swamy as a Gnani. For others he will be a mad man in their looks. Due to this reason Audi Sankara said that Mahatmas would be like children and mad people. If we read the book Datta Mahima, we will know that in all those Mahatmas, the spirit of Avadhuta, Lord Datta, will be working. If we read the life history of Akkalakota Swamy, Shiridi Sai, Manikya Prabhu etc, we will know that such Mahatmas have control over the natural forces that are beyond the human abilities. The meaning is some of these leelas can be understood by the happenings that take place in due course of time. But the meaning of some other leelas, the meaning of which is beyond our range of understanding. When Swamy had a large gathering around him, at times he would order some people to go home or to change his place of sitting or to walk up to a particular place and come back. In 1980, Sri Swamy was in the Ashram of Narayana Das, Talupur. He ordered his servants, "Ayya, four of you can walk up to tat hillock and come back." Two servants did the same. But Sri Swamy did not agree. Then all the four people went to the hillock and were returning on the same way. Sri Swamy sent word that they should return by the northern way. Nobody knew the meaning of this direction.

At times Sri Swamy speaks some strange words within him and laughs very loudly. Nobody had the luck to record the sound on a type.
One day Sri Swamy asked Guravaiah to administer Mantra to an ailing person. When he did so Sri Swamy inturn administered Mantra to Guravaiah.

The traffic will be very heavy at Nellore. They took Sri Swamy only in a rickshaw whenever they wanted to move to other places. One day all the servants went to cinema leaving Sri Swamy alone at Venkata Rao’s house. Next morning when they brought a rickshaw for Swamy to go to the bus-stand. Sri Swamy did not agree to get into the rickshaw. He asked them to take in the doli. Inspite of all the heavy traffic, they carried Sri Swamy to the bus-stand in the doli. They confirmed it as punishment as they went to cinema.

If the servants render their service in any manner other than that of Sri Swamy’s direction, Sri Swamy will be silent for the time being and the chief servant will not only face a fitting punishment but the Swamy will also make him realize at his heart, for which fault was the punishment given to him.

At Pennabadwel, a lady came to Sri Swamy’s venue in search of a goat. Sri Swamy appeared to her burning in the center of the sacred fire. So she ran in fear and thought that Sri Swamy was no more. Next morning she saw Sri Swamy on the banks of the river drying his clothes. She was confounded. She told her experience to everybody.

One fine morning the servants found very big burns and boils on Swamy’s body, especially on his right shoulder and right knee. At times Sri Swamy used to have fits. So some people thought that at the time of his fits he might have fallen in the sacred fire. Some others thought that he would have saved somebody from fire accident just like Saibaba did by burning his palm. When hey asked Swamy regarding those burns, he said, "Ayya, the upper Gods had poured some acid." For a long time he refused to take treatment. Somehow they took Sri Swamy to doctor and administered injections and bandaged the wounds. But during nights, when all were in deep sleep, he used to remove all the bandages and throw them away. When the wounds were healing, he pricked the epidermis (skin) with a thorn and removed it and got the wounds bleeding. Somehow in due course of time the wounds disappeared. One night, he cut off with a knife a small layer of the skin and flesh from his wound on his shoulder. By morning it was a fresh wound with oozing blood. Venkamma hid the piece of skin removed by Swamy in a tin. It gave out some peculiar sweet smell for sometime. One day she showed it to a friend. From that moment the fragrance disappeared.

One day a Nagajemudu thorn got into his foot. All his servants tried to pick it out but in vain. At last Koduru Venkamma tried her chance. Even though she was pricking in his foot at two inches depth, he did not move or cry a little. At last she removed a thorn of two inches length from Sri Swamy’s foot. How did he walk such a lengthy thorn in his foot? For removing the thorn Sri Swamy presented her with a blade, a needle and a knife.

Those are the days when Sri Swamy was walking. One day he was in the hospitality of Akkim Venkatarami Reddy, Mudigedu. At 10 A.M. all the servants were immersed in their own duties. Somebody found that Swamy was not in his seat before the sacred fire. On searching all the places they found Sri Swamy lying in an empty bamboo Jalla (a device of bullock-cart to carry sand etc.) kept on the floor. This sight terrified the servants and some of them began to cry in fear.

Sri Swamy was lying on a side, resting his body weight on the ribs. A bowel of twelve inches long came out of his anus. A crow was pricking it with its beak. It was bleeding profusely. They could not tolerate the terrible scene. But Sri Swamy was not disturbed in the least. Devotees tried to drive away the crow. But Sri Swamy did not allow them to do so. "Abbo! Abbo! When it is taking away the sin, if you drive it away, what is to be done?" Without the notice of Sri Swamy, Venkatarami Reddy waved a stick in the air and the crow flew away. Within a few minutes the bowel moved inside, of its own accord. Servants tried to lift Sri Swamy on their hands and bring him to his seat. But Sri Swamy refused to be carried. He slowly moved by crawling and sat on his seat.

During the days of walking, at times, he used to play on his Ektara continuously day and night even for three or four days without food and drink. At that time, if he got dozing, he used to pick his gums with a thorn and spit blood. He took water into his mouth and spit it out. Again he continued to play on his Ektara. Thus he guarded himself against sleep.

One day Sri Swamy was going on a bullock-cart. Sri Swamy was lying in the bullock-cart. After sometime he went into the state of Samadhi. The jerking movements of the cart made Sri Swamy’s body move a little. His knee touched the wheel of the running cart. It was bleeding. Nobody noticed for a long time. By the time they noticed it he lost much blood. They stopped the cart. They were afraid to touch Sri Swamy from that state of deep Samadhi. Sri Swamy came to normal state after a long time. When they tried to remove ember on the thigh of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to test the validity of his Samadhi state and Sri Ramakrishna sat still even though his thigh has burned terribly. But today the devotees could see a similar miracle of Sri Swamy in the same state of Samadhi.

Khandayogam: Great Yogis separate their limbs and leave them for sometime. After a while, they again appear in complete human form. This is called Khandayogam. Sri Swamy has exhibited all types of Miracles just like Sri Sainath of Shiridi except this Khandayoga( I thought). At last merciful Swamy had sent to me a person who witnessed Sri Swamy’s Khandayoga. Shaik Rahamtulla of Vakamda near Ogur village, Nellore district A.P. visited Sri Swamy at Penna Badwel for the relief of his chronic leg pain. As per the orders of Sri Swamy he stayed with Sri Swamy for twenty days. One night when he woke up to attend the nature’s call, he found the limbs, head and body of Sri Swamy lying separately in the light of the sacred fire. There were no electric lights in those days. He was very much frightened by that sight and ran into the thatched shed. But Sri Swamy was not there also. A few minutes later he found Sri Swamy sitting near the sacred fire. Rahamatulla was in a flux regarding the scene that he had witnessed a few minutes ago. Sri Swamy came to him and said "Rahamatulla Saheb! You have seen the lokam (the other world)." By the next morning Sri Swamy paid him the charges and sent him away to stay out for four days.

Rahamatulla continues his narration like this. "I suffered a great pain in bones in the right leg below the knee. Even though I have spent some thousands of rupees for all types of treatments, I found no relief. I visited Sri Swamy on the advise of my friend. Sri Swamy ordered me to stay in his presence for twenty days. Everyday Sri Swamy massaged my leg for a little while. Without any medicine my leg pain vanished within a few days. Thus Sri Swamyji gave me a new life for the act of which I am ever grateful to him".