Sri Swamy Deeksha:

  1. Sri Swamy asked us not to open our mouth. Atleast during the time of deeksha. Observance of silence is inevitable. Except in dire necessity like food and drink, in all other matters we should observe silence through mouth, ear and mind. We should spend all our time in thinking about Sri Swamy alone. For this, the parayana and recapitulation of leelas are very helpful.
  2. Avoidance of sleep during day time is essential. For this, minimum diet is inevitable.
  3. Avoidance of untruth and quarrels.
  4. Offering of firewood, coconut, ghee, incense etc. to the sacred fire with incessant namajapa.
  5. Even though Sri Swamy showed mercy, our bad karma comes in the way. So we must nullify it with our namajapa. “If we are destined to have a wound equal to a furrow, with intense namajapa, it will be reduced to a pin prick.”
  6. Doing pradakshinas – not less than 108 per day.
  7. Parayana of Sri Swamy’s life history is most important. Listening is advisable to illiterates.
  8. Complete faith and patience are essential.



To recognize a Sadguru from innumerable fake gurus is a very difficult task. It is not ordinary thing to understand his real state. It is not possible to have unflinching faith in him and follow his directions unless we have great dedication, Bhakthi and sraddha. If we cannot follow in action his directions, we are not at all benefitted in any way. Only by their presence and service, we can develop such devotion and Bhakthi and sraddha in us. If we cannot get their direct presence, the parayana of their life history will be equal to their direct presence (Ramana Maharshi).  How to get their immediate presence or the capacity to undertake parayana? This is possible only when the power of our punya is greater than our sins. What are such deeds to increase our power of punya? “Deva, Dwija, Guru, Pragnya Pujanam” and namajapa are the various best sadhanas to increase our punya.

So, Sri Venkaiah Swamyji always encouraged namajapa and Bhajana. He himself used to sing “Om Narayana Adi Narayana” maha mantram playing on his yekatara for hours together sweetly. At times he asked the devotees to stop singing of tatvas and asked them to sing “Om Narayana Adi Narayana” maha mantra.

Sri Swamy blessed those who sing the glorious God’s name with heartfelt devotion and love. So, let us participate in the Bhajan with whole hearted devotion and love towards God and get the grace of Sri Swamy.

Dhuni: Sri Swamy, all through his life, loved his sacred fire more than anything else. As Said in his life history, Sri Swamy burns away all the sins of his devotees in the sacred Dhuni. It is said that one who puts incense or dry coconut into dhuni they are getting rid of their sins. Experiences of many devotees show that their wishes are getting fulfilled after doing seva for dhuni.

At Gulagamudi a child missed its way and could not return home for three days. His mother, with tears in her eyes, asked Sri Swamy “what has happened to my daily parayana and offerings of Naivedya? Is it propert for your to make my son suffer in the hot sun without food?” At once she fell into a trance like state and found the sacred fire and incessant Jyothi in it. By that evening her son returned home safely. So in the above situation Sri Swamy convinced us that today he is in the form of the sacred fire and incessant Jyothi, receiving all our offerings. Let us serve Sri Swamy and be blessed.