Parayana is a devotional reading of the entire life history of Sri Swamy within specified time in a methodical way. We can easily evoke Sri Swamy's grace immensely through Parayana of his life history.

We have uploaded the Sri Venkaiah Swamy's life history material from the book "Avadhuta Leela" which is originally written by Sri E.Bharadwaja Masterji in Telugu and translated to English by P.Subbaramaiah garu.

All the chapters of Avadhuta Leela are structured in such a way that anyone can do Sapthaha Parayana (completion of this book within a week) anytime in the day. During Parayana time, worshipping Sri Swamy's picture and offering Naivedya will help a lot in evoking the grace of Sri Swamy. At the end of each of such Parayana it is good to offer Coconut and flowers to Swamy and feeding one or two people thinking that they are replicas of Sri Swamy and offering dakshina to them.

Those who cannot afford so much, can leave plenty of food outside their house in the name of Sri Swamy and can send Dakshina to Golagamudi Ashramam according to their might.

During the time of periods, ladies should not read this book. If not grief stricken, myla (Sutakam due to the death of a person) is no bar for parayana.

If possible it is better to complete the parayana once in a week. Always it is good to do parayana in odd numbers.

It does immense good if we carry on the parayana at Golagamudi in the presence of Sri Swamy.

Offering seva during Aradhana time, that is, on 24th of August every year is good thing for devotees.

After completion of a certain number of Parayanas of this book it will be beneficial to read the life histories of saints mentioned in this book. Completion of parayana before guru purnima which falls in the month of july, and before data jayanti which falls in the month of December every year and celebrating those festivals brings immense good to the devotees. Parayana of Sri Gurucharitra and Saileelamrutam before those festivals will be more beneficial. During that period if we read the verses in Gurugeeta, memorizing the meaning of the verses, we certainly get the grace of Sadguru.

Special methods of services to Swamy are explained in Sri Gurucharitra and Sri Saileelamrutam, and in Sri Sai Prabhodamrutam.

The following links should be read in sequence as part of parayana.

1. Introduction of Sri Swamy (Life history of Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy)

2. Prakriti and Purusha

3. Omniscient Swamy

4. Virtuous Swamy (Dharma Murthy)

5. Assure's all Sincere Calls

6. Conduct of Avadhuta

7. Supernatural Vision (Miraculous Sights)

8. Benefaction (Dakshina)

9. Mukthi Dwaram

10. Protects his devotees

11. Remembers after Births

12. The Physician Supreme

13. Purification of Sinners

14. Sri Swamy A riddle

15. Sri Swamy after Maha Samadhi (Till Sun and Moon exist)