Supreme Physician

The entire matter in the universe is a form of that universal spirit. Just like our mind takes the form of our dream world, the universal spirit takes the shapes of all things. This spirit also works in our body. The perfect working condition of that force in us is the cause of our good health. The imperfect working of that spirit in our body due to the karmic effects in our previous life is called ill health. This view is declared by all the ancient medical systems. Due to the penance of Satpurusha, that force will be very vigorous in them and works with great power. It commands the natural forces in the form of miraculous experiences when God wants to accomplish great things through those satpurusha. We can see such miraculous experiences in the life histories of Akkalkota Mahraj, Sainath, Sri Ramana Maharshi and in Gurucharitra. In the same way they influence the natural forces in our body and cure the incurable diseases in us. Such people who get such help will treat the path of Atmagnana with great devotion and faith. In this way satpurusha work for the uplift of human race.

Sri Swamy lost his title "mad Venkaiah" and got the respectable title "Venkaiah Swamy". When there are diseases like domma, nerni, sorefoot and such diseases in cattle and cholera, small pox like diseases in men, a man or two came and represented it to Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy used to give them incense and thread, with his sacred hands and blessings and asked them to put the vapours of the incense to the cattle and get the pieces of thread tied to the cattle sheds. By next minute there was no loss of life at all in that village. There are innumerable cases of cure of scorpion stings and snake bite with a single word of Sri Swamy. Even today his Samadhi is responding to the call of such people who are in distress.

Obaiah, the son of Sanjeviah was play mate of Sri Swamy. He was suffering from asthma for a very long time. When all the medical and tantric sources failed, he represented his suffereings to Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy massaged all his body with his palm. From that day he got rid of that chronic disease all through his life.

Korrakuti Haranathnaidu was losing blood through his mouth. He used some allopathic medicine. It was slightly better but after a few days his suffereing begain as usual. So he resorted to Sri Swamy. He vowed to offer Sri Swamy a coconut if his disease was cured. Without any medicines his suffering vanished permanently. One day bull of Narasareddy was bitten by a snake. With a swollen stomach it was vomiting saliva without touching fodder and water. The condition was hopeless. They took the bull to Sri Swamy in a bullock cart. Sri Swamy touched the wound of the snake bite and took a long breath and released the air. At once the bull got up, passed urine and dung and began to graze fodder. Every body were astonished at the yogic powers of Sri Swamy.

One day Sri Swamy gave a chit to this Narasareddy. He stated that he has got a snake-peril, but the Veeraraghava Swamy of Tiruvulluru will save him from the danger. After some time Narasareddy got into the gadhe (a mud made structure to store the grain, it is of six feet height and 3 feet in diameter) to take the paddy which was at the bottom of the gadhe. He touched some thing smooth like frog. He changed his step and again touched the same, wherever he kept his leg he touched the same thing. He looked with the help of lantern. To his utmost horror, he found that it was a big cobra. At once he jumped up the Gadhe and killed that cobra. Every body wondered how he was still alive after stepping on that cobra. On verification, he found the chit of Sri Swamy given to him long ago conveying his blessings through that chit averting the snake peril.

Vakkamma suffered the bit of a bad worm. All her skin was infested with scars with itching effect. She tried so many Mantras and tantras. She has eaten basket full of pepper with mantra but in vain. She heard of Sri Swamy and came for relief. She stood at Sri Swamy from 10 am to 4 pm. She did not try to tell him a word nor Sri Swamy asked her. At last Sri Swamy asked Chalamanaidu to ask her what she wanted. Before she opened her lips Sri Swamy said "Vakkamma had bite of bad work. It will be out with a single stroke. The wonders of wonder is Sri Swamy called her by name. It is her first visit. No body knew her name, there. Sri Swamy called her with her name and also told her ailment. Her faith in Sri Swamy got deeply rooted in her heart even at the first sight. Without using any medicine or mantra, gradually with in three days all the bad effects of the work bite vanished. There after she began to spend much of her time in his presence and service. She is the second women devotee who got the assurance of liberation from the birth and death cycle.

A five years old child had an abscess in her stomach and suffered great pain. All the doctors and quack treatments and tantric treatments failed. As a last resort they brought the baby to Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy took her to a well with steps. He held her on his two hands, face and stomach down wards and dropped her on the water from height of six feet. Immediately he brought the child and kept her on the floor and gently pressed her stomach with his foot. All the bad matter cameout of her mouth, nose and anus. Within a few days, without any medicines the child picked up good health. In the life history of Sri Sai als, Abdul stepped on the abscess of Kaka and all the bad matter went out.

Korrakuti Bujjiah once suffered numbness all over his body as a blood vessel on the neck was pressed under a bone in the back bone. He took treatment at a neurosurgeon, Ramamurthy, Madras. But he could not get full relief. One day he spoke to Sri Swamy about his suffering. Sri Swamy just pressed his neck with his palm. From that day onwards he never had that complaint in his life.

Gutha Narasamma was in the service of Sri Swamy from a long time. Now and then she wished to go home and see her relatives. But Sri Swamy did not permit her to go home. One day Sri Swamy gave her a chit saying that Narasamma and Tulasamma were dead. From that moment she never had the desire to go home, leaving the service of Sri Swamy. Thus Sri Swamy cut off her ties with her family.
This Narasamma suffered a lot due to a troubled knee and could not fold her leg. She had applied "Udhi" but in vain. One day they told Sri Swamy about her suffering. Sri Swamy asked them to give her a chit stating that her pain would not come again. There after she never felt that complaint at all.

Eshwaramma had an abscess in her stomach and looked like a pregnant lady. The doctors advised her to get an operation to her stomach. Due to her previous intimacy with Sri Swamy she petitioned her plight to Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy said "Mother! if u pay a hundred rs to the sacred fire you will get rid of your trouble. At once she took a loan and paid the amount to Sri Swamy even without going home. On that night in her dream Sri Swamy operated her stomach. To the utter amazement of all, the swelling in the stomach vanished and her belly was normal. She was the chosen devotee of Sri Swamy all through her life.

In 1979 a lady brought her 22 yr old son who had lost the balance of mind for the last two yrs. Sri Swamy ordered her to keep him in his presence for some days. In due course his mind became stable and went home with the permission of Sri Swamy. Till today his mother worships Sri Swamy.

In 1975 a young man got some mental effect and was very ferocious. He was tied with ropes and was brought to Sri Swamy when all their other medical efforts failed. Sri Swamy ordered him to be kept in the smoke of his sacred fire. By force four men held him in the smoke for one and half hour. Within a week he gradually back to normal, without any further medical aid.

One day a leper was in the presence of Sri Swamy. On that night Sri Swamy was groaning with pain. At midnight Rosireddy held the feet of Sri Swamy to massage them for some relief. "Abbo! Abbo you should not touch me at this time. Get away from me". After some days there appeared a crack with swelling under the thumb of Rosireddy's feet. It looked like the symptoms of leprosy. Rosireddy understood that it was the result of touching Sri Swamy when he took on himself the suffering of a leper for redressel. He took to intense Namajapa for few days and by the grace of Sri Swamy he got rid of that pain without any medicine. Thus the merciful Swamy used to take the diseases on his body and suffered pain for the sake of his devotees who were unable to bear that pain and suffereing. He is loving mother to all.

Maddineni Kamakshamma served Sri Swamy for very long time. Once she was suffering with pains in the waist. Sri Swamy prescribed may leaf juices etc but was not cured. One day Sri Swamy gave her a chit "By day after tomorrow it will go clean as it is removed from your body". Even after a number of years she never got that pain again. One day Sri Swamy advised her "Mother! Veera Raghava Swamy is your brother, conduct bhajan. You will not get any diseases. Dont eat fish and mutton". Her son had no issues even after a span of 10 yrs after their marriage. They asked Sri Swamy about this problem. Sri Swamy promised them three children. They said "Swamy!they did not get any for such a long time. How can they get now?" Sri Swamy replied "Mother! I have stopped children as they belonged to other castes. Now I am leaving the vysya children of Venkatagiri town". He also gave a chit to that effect. Within an year he got a male child. But the mother had no breast milk. They prayed Sri Swamy. On that night in her dream, Sri Swamy spun a rope with his coad piece and asked them to touch it to child's mother. By next morning she had plenty of breast milk for the baby. The whole family is very much devoted to Sri Swamy.

Kolla Jayarama raju was suffereing from typhoid fever. When he consulted Sri Swamy for relief Sri Swamy made him eat a kilo of groundnuts and drink some butter milk. Sri Swamy ordered him to go and take head-bath in the river water. He did accordingly with faith in the words of Sri Swamy. From next minute his typhoid fever vanished.
All avadhutas had a strange method of curing the ailments of their devotees with forbidden food stuff for that disease.

Munikuti Ramaiah of Mahimalur village was suffereing from stomach ache, Palpitation and weakness and body pains. All his trails with the doctors failed. A native of penna-badwel advised him to go to Sri Swamy who stays at Penna Badwel for immediate relief. On the same night in his dream Sri Swamy invited him to penna Badwel for cure. Next morning when he went to Sri Swamy he was wonder struck to see the same person who appeared in his dream as Sri Swamy.
Sri Swamy ordered him to be in his presence for a month for his complete cure. Within a few days he recovered completely without any medicine. From that time onwards he allotted a thatched shed for Sri Swamy in his premises and served him with great devotion even though he was poor man.
One day Sri Swamy asked Ramaiah to bring some rice. Sri Swamy strew those rice near the pot of drinking water and said "there will come up a pucca building, Ayya". As per the direction of Sri Swamy, within a short time this poor Ramaiah became rich and had build a pucca building. With grateful heart they visiting Golagamudi even today once in a month.

One day Sri Swamy was going to some other place. Bag and baggage was made ready for the journey. Sri Swamy did not start saying "Pain has come. We cannot go". Within an hour a woman brought her son on her back. He was twisting with terrible stomach pain. Sri Swamy got a chit written for him. At once he was relieved from the terrible pain. Such were the yogic powers of Sri Swamy.

Veluru Ramanaidu(Nagulavellaturu) wanted to go to Madras for the treatment of his tuberculosis as the doctor at Nellore gave up hope. Before going to Madras he came for blessings of Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy said "Ayya! there are some spots in our lungs which are of the size of chinnadabbu. They will not do you any harm. You need not go to Madras. If you drink the milk of Bonthazemudu, it will be cured. Bonthazumudu milk is very very powerful poison. It grows in the forest. If the cattle scratch their body aganist that plant, the milk of that plant will fall over the body of that animal and cause burns and wounds. When he told directions of Sri Swamy at home, "Dont drink that poisonous milk. If you drink, you will lose your sight. It will cause burns in the stomach and death. Beware". He thought "Even if I resort to the doctors at Madras and got operation done, I will not survive long. Instead of dying after refusing Sri Swamy's advise, it will be better to die after following Sri Swamy's advice. He came to Sri Swamy at Golagamudi and really drank that bonthazemudu milk. After that, without any treatment he was blessed with good health till today.

Sri Swamy was at Venkatareddy palli. A native of Bapana palli was suffering with severe typhoid. All the quack treatments failed. He resorted to Sri Swamy's mercy. Sri Swamy gave him half a kilo of ground nuts to eat. He was in flux to obey or not. "Ayya! all your disease will vanish. You must eat". when he ate he gave litre of fermented water used in place of butter milk. He drank with fear. Sri Swamy ordered to bury him for an hour up to his neck in the wet sand of the river. If he is buried in the wet sand in such a serious fever, they thought that he was sure to die. But Sri Swamy compelled them and got him buried in the sand. The very next moment he was taken out of the pit, all his fever and body pains vanished in a trice and he took his normal food. We can see parallel experience in the Gurucharitra, the life histories of Sri Sai Baba and Akkalakota Swamy.