Purify The Sinners

Some people due to the failure of health and unrest in their houses, they suffer a lot. Such helpless creatures will get transformation through the darsan and blessings of Satpurushas like Sri Swamy. Their lives will pick up a new radiance from that day onwards. Those who do not whole-heartedly crave for such transformation they will not get it. Those, who fulfil our heart felt desires alone, are called the Satpurusha. In this chapter we will know about some such people who got transformation though Sri Swamy.

Bethu Jaya Ramaiah was great drunkard. One day he held the two feet of Sri Swamy and begged Sri Swamy to keep him always in that state of intoxication. In spite of repeated asking of Sri Swamy and his servants he did not leave the feet of Sri Swamy for a long time. At last Sri Swamy blessed him saying "Alright you can go". We do not know the power behind that single word. From that day his personality was totally changed. He gave up drinking. He spent all his time in silence. Previously he was quite angry and of quarrelsome nature picking up quarrels for no reason. Now he is totally a changed person. He spent most of his time in lonely places.

Subba Reddy of Badwel reports a wonderful experience that he had witnessed long ago. The two he-buffaloes that drag the fire wood card of Sri Swamy entered into a near by field and damaged some crop. The owner of that field was driving them to Bandila doddi. The servants of Sri Swamy requested to leave the buffaloes as they belonged to Sri Swamy. In his drunken mood he did not hear their words. Sri Swamy met him on the way and asked "Ayya! Where are you taking the buffaloes"? He did not give any reply and moved on his way. Sri Swamy looked at him seriously and made a sign with his palm as if he asked to stop. At once the drunken man as well as the buffaloes stopped as if their legs were tied. Sri Swamy said, "Is it my own work? This is the work of god. If you so desire you may claim a share in the sacred fire. Don’t do like this in future". The drunken man brought back the buffaloes. He not only helped Sri Swamy but also lived with Swamy. He used to graze the buffaloes daily.

Tupili Venkaiah was not only a drunkard but also an active participant in the cockfight betting. With these vices he lost all the landed property. His wife was great devotee of Sri Swamy. She washed the clothes of Sri Swamy and his retinue with Sradda and Bhakthi. Even though she represented her plight regarding conduct of her husband to Sri Swamy kept quiet. Daily pitchemma used to offer milk to Sri Swamy. One night she sent the milk through her husband. By that time Sri Swamy was asking milk. So immediately they offered the milk to Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy drank the milk and cried like cock "Kokkoroko". Every body laughed at the behaviour of Sri Swamy. Every body thought that Sri Swamy did like that as the person who plays the vicious habbit like cock fighting brought milk. But to utter amazement of all he never of all, from that day Venkaiah gave up all the vices like drinking, gambling and cock fighting.