Both of them are identical in every respect. Both are bachelors. Both are above the differences of caste and creed. Both are worshipers of incessant sacred fire. Both are aniketas (persons of permanent abode). Both led the life of ideal sadhus. They adopted identical methods to save their Bhaktas or devotees. Their teachings and leelas are the same. In fact, without reading the life history of one, the other’s life history cannot be understood in full spirit.

Once Sri Swamy told me that “there was his blood relation in the northern side and he was also fire worshiper.” Both of them speak in cryptical language. They not only predicted the date of their Mahasamadhi but were also saving their devotees even their Mahasamadhi. Saibaba who inspired me (Bharadwaja) to write his life history has also inspired to write his Avadhutaleela.

In this book I have given references of other saints like Swamy and their leelas. There is a strong reason for that. If a devotee reads the life history of a single saint only, he will be fascinated to get the grace of such a saint and blindly follows them. But as Shiridi Sai says “Real Saints are rare.” Bhagavadgeeta also declared the same idea. So there is danger that innocent sadakas fall a vicitim to the fake gurus. So first the sadakas must read the life histories of perfect saints like Sri Venkaiah Swamy, Sri Sainath. Then they will be able to identify the chaff from the grain. Bhadavadgeeta advises sadakas to resort to such perfect Gnanees. The puranas and Bhagavadgeeta describes such gnanees so that the sadakas can identify the perfect saint from the fake gurus.

Not only that, if we read Sri Gurucharitra and Sri Saileelamrutham with devotion we are sure to get darsan and blessings of such perfect saints. You can see the proof of it, not only in these two books, but also Sadguru Jyothi.

There is another important benefit of reading these books. Due to the punya in the previous life we may get the chance to serve such perfect saints. But due to ignorance one is apt to under estimate his fortune of serving them and cannot serve them well and get their full blessings. But those people who read these books will know that thing.

There is another motive in referring to those books and writing such books. People who read such books yearn to enjoy the presence of such great saints. That means they get devotion on gurutatwa which takes the form of various sadgurus. If a lot of people yearn for the darsan of such sadgurus for many years in a country, many such real gurus will certainly be born there. Will there be any mother, who delays to come and console her baby if it is crying for her. Understanding this principle it must be the duty of every one not only to read such books for themselves but also should make others read them. There is no other way than this to bring welfare to the society along with his own self elevation. For this reason, Bhagavatam with the life history of such great saints is considered by scholars as the best book in spiritual literature.