"Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore. Guru Nanak "

Great Saints are born to bring good fortune to the Mankind and bless them spiritually. God, with infinite passion towards all living creatures, takes the form of saints to elevate mankind in all possible ways. Sri MahaVishnu took the avatar of Sri Rama to eradicate the evil. Sri Rama has done lot more along with the purpose of his birth. He presented to the world the righteous conduct of life and thus well known as personification of Dharma. Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Sri Krishna to reduce the burden of sinsters on earth. He gifted Holy Bhagwat Gita which is one of the primary epic to the mankind.
In Bhagwat Gita it is said that in kaliyuga God takes the form of Saints and everyone should resort to them for their spiritual progress. Sri Dattatreya Swamy assured that He will be present in the form of Avadhutas in the Kaliyuuga. Sri Venkaiah Swamy is one such Avadhuta in Sri Datta lineage. Sri Swamy was born in Nagulavellatur, a small village near Nellore, in a farmer's family and in due course He followed Avadhuta dharma. Sri Swamy's blessings were the only saviour for all living beings
at the times of meager medical facilities in adjacent villages of Nellore. It is said that the strength of the devotion of people, penance performed and the troubles of the devotees would force God to take birth in that area.
Sadguru Venkaiah Swamy took birth to elevate spiritually starving people, protect needy, feed the hunger and uplift people of all classes, caste and creed. Swamy protects everyone who prays to him from anywhere in this world. Today, after His Mahasamadhi, people from different countries and different religions come to Sri Swamy's temple to seek His blessings. Sri Swamy very aptly follows the words as he says, "Ask some thing in the name of Venkaiah, you will get thrice of it." All the devotees who take His blessings are always more than happy. His ways of dealing things are unimaginable, unique and untraceable.

As said by Audi Sankaracharya, "It is very difficult to recognize Avadhutas. They behave like small children or like mad person." Only people with discrimination can recognize the divinity in them. Just like Shiridi Sai, many times, Sri Swamy used to behave very childishly. There are quite a number of similarities between Swamy and Sai. Both speak in cryptic language among themselves, they both used strange ways to cure their devotees' ailments and their teachings were alike. Once Sri Swamy told that he has an elder brother in North who worships sacred fire like Him. None else than Sri Sai performs it. They not only predicted their date of Mahasamadhi, since then they have been protecting their devotees in the same way as they did before.

Sri Swamy used to bless his devotees in very strange ways. At times Swamy used to ask them to write petition and submit to him. Sometimes He used to give his finger prints on paper and bless His devotees for their prosperity, Sometimes He used to give sacred threads (Raksha - to be tied around the wrist) to give protection from the evil, sometimes He used to write a note on paper and give it as blessings. In whatever way He blesses us we come to know in due course of time, by our experience, that everything is well and pleasant only after following Sri Swamy's words. Sometimes He used to suggest devotees poisonous herbs as a cure for the ailments, those who followed His words with complete faith in Him used to get relief immediately. All the diseases which were unbearable till then used to get healed up after following Swamy's words. It is to be noted that everything gets cured only by Swamy's word and not the method devotees follow.
It is the pure faith that brings us closer to Swamy and lead peaceful life. There are many experiences of devotees mentioned within this site which proves these facts. Please read them and get your own experience.