Pooja Schedule:

Morning Abhisekam: Early morning every day at around 4 30 AM there will be an Abhisekam to Sri Swamy and his Samadhi. After Abhishekam Devotees are allowed to pay respects to Swami's Samadhi. The water which is used for abhishekam of Samadhi is given theertham(Holy Water) to all devotees. That theertham cures all the ailments of the Devotees.

Afternoon Aarti: Samadhi puja will be done during afternoon and after puja anna prasadam(food) will be given to all the devotees. This is at the expense of Sri Venkaiah Swamy temple organisation.

Night Aarti: At the night, aarti would be given to Sri Swamy after which the Samadhi Mandir will be closed for darshan.

Rituals & Celebrations:

Pallaki Seva: Every Saturday night at around 8 30 PM Pallaki Seva is organised for Sri Swamy. Devotees put Sri Swamy in Doli and take him around Samadhi Mandir. One who wants to participate in this utsav should pay 116/- in the office of Sri Venkaiah Swamy organization. This symbolises that we are doing the same seva of carrying Sri Swamy in Doli. Devotees believe that their sins are redeemed by doing the physical seva to Sri Swamy. People having troubles with their health will be cured by rendering physical seva to Sri Swamy.

Vuyyala Seva: This is seva which is organised every Saturday evening at 7 30 PM. Sri Swamy will be placed in a Swing.

Annadanam: Sri Swamy Said, "Feed the hungry, not the belching". In Golagamudi Ashram poor feeding is being done continously. Food is served to every one who visits the temple. Daily hundreds of people from the neibouring villages along with the devotees eat in Ashram.

Donations: Golagamudi Ashramam gives shelter to hundreds of people in terms of food and shelter. Devotees can participate in Ashramam maintainence by donating any thing in cash or kind to the Ashramam. All the donations should be done in the office of Golagamudi Ashramam. Ashramam provides accomodation for all the devotees who visit Golagamudi.