Prakriti Purusha

Some times the replies from Sri Swamy were quite mystic. Here are few incidents where it was difficult to interpret Sri Swamy's words and only after certain time people realise by experience what Sri Swamy meant. Every word of Sri Swamy came true eventually.

Once some farmers of Nagulavellatore met Sri Swamy at Madapalli village and asked Sri Swamy whether their crops would give good yield that year. Sri Swamy said "two persons per each plant". That was the only reply from swamy. He did not answer if the yield will be good or not. Within ten days each plant is eaten by two insects and totally all the fields were damaged.

One day Sri Swamy was going to Talupur in taxi. Abruptly Sri Swamy said "Ayya! it happens to cut the throat". No body could make out any meaning from that. After few minutes, Swamiji shrieked loudly and immediately car stopped without applying brakes. The very next minute a goat jumped across the car. The goat would have died if the car did not stop so suddenly. With this incident the driver Mastaniah who was indifferent from swamy till then have become a faithful devotee of Sri Swamy.

At Talupur village there is a mica mine called the "D" mine. One day Sri Swamy was at that mine. It was about to rain heavily. There were thick clouds all over the area. The servants appealed to Sri Swamy "Swamy if it rains all our instruments would be drenched. There is no house in the near by vicinity. Sri Swamy played his ekatara for few minutes and roared "What VeeraRraghavulu! Don’t you know that we are here? What will happen to our articles and our men? Is it all your will and pleasure?" With in a few minutes all the clouds were scattered and sun appeared clearly.

In the same way there was a storm in shiridi. Devotees were anxious to reach their homes. Sainath came out of masjid and roared "O Allah! My children are to reach home safely and quickly. Stop the rain" At once rain stopped.

Once some devotees from Madras state came and appealed to Swamy that there was no rain in their area for two years. Sri Swamy asked his servants to write an appeal to god and give it to him. He kept that paper under his thigh and sat on it for four days without taking food and water and without sleep. On the fifth day it rained heavily in Madras state and all the tanks were filled. Then only he gave up his fasting and took his gruel.

One day a poisonous serpent crawled and settled under his thigh. The servants were terrified and told Swamy about the snake. Swamy said "if we don’t harm it, it will not harm us". After a while it went away on its own accord. The situation reminds us the incident when the snakes crawled on the bodies of Sainath and Sri Ramana Maharshi.

One night Rosi Reddy tried to take some papers from the sill. A poisonous snake bit him on his finger. At once Sri Swamy kept his finger between his thigh and hand and pressed for some time. Then Sri Swamy said "Ayya your body has become Sanjeevini". From then on he never suffered pain of venom even though he was bitten by several snakes.

Once in Yarlapadu village, people were dying without any specific cause. They thought that some evil spirit entered the village and was playing mischief. No one dared to open the doors after sunset. Some villagers appealed swamy and Sri Swamy decided to go to that village. It was midnight when swamy went to that village. Villagers were not opening doors thinking of the evil spirit, and then one old lady saw Sri Swamy and alerted all the villagers that swamy has come for their rescue. Then all the villagers gathered and appealed Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy set up his holy fire in the village. There after there were no untimely deaths in those villages.

It was scorching summer in 1974. The ashramam in Golagamudi caught fire and the flames spread all around and the western wind was on full swing. There was no water in its vicinity. Ramanaiah one of the servants prayed Sri Swamy and poured a small pot of water on the flames. The fire which was unmanageable even to a fire brigade was put down with that little pot of water. It was only due to the grace of Sri Swamy.

In 1984 at the time of harvest there was a big cyclone in Nellore Dist. All the neibouring villages around Nellore were washed away with floods. But at Golagamudi a village which is 8 km from Nellore, all villagers worked in the fields chanting the name of Sri Swamy aloud. There was no rain except a thick fog for three days while there was heavy rain in the surrounding villages. So farmers of the Golagamudi village were able to secure all their harvest safely. This is only due to the conduct of Anna Santarpana in the name of Sri Swamy.

At the time of lonely wanderings Sri Swamy used to go to P Seshaiah Naidu's house in cherlopalli village at midnight for food. Mother of Seshaiah used to serve Sri Swamy with great reverence and devotion. Once Seshaiah was going on road, Sri Swamy called him and gave him a chit. In that chit Swamy wrote that after 1 year four months 6 days your life will be in danger and Veera raghava Swamy will save him from that danger.

After a long time one day he watered his fields with current motor and began to plough. Immediately one of his bulls fell down in water in the field and began to shake its legs vehemently. Seshaiah tried to pull the bull but he could not pull it. His legs also felt some current in the water. He shouted to put off the main switch. But by the time they put off the switch bull died on the spot. He was seriously thinking the cause of the death of the bull. His friend who examined the field with tester confirmed that death of the bull was because of the electric shock but he wondered how did seshaiah survived even though he was bare foot in the water along with the bull. Seshaiah Naidu was reminded of the chit given by Sri Swamy long ago. It was exactly on the same day he had to face dreadful accident. He believed in absence of Sri Swamy's blessings he could not survive. Sri Swamy not only alerts the danger to his devotees but also saves them from those dangers.

N SreeRama Naidu was digging well. At the depth of 18 feet, they faced a hard boulder and they could not go deeper. In that area water was available only at a depth of 30 feet. He represented his problem to Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy advised him to offer little of their first portions of food into the well for four days and stop the work for four more days and see what happens. With strong devotion in Sri Swamy he carried out those instructions. On the eighth day strangely when he started the work that hard rock turned out into very soft stone and whole work was completed with in few days.

N Sree Ramaiah's lime garden would not yield any crop even one year after the scheduled time of 5 yrs. He begged Swamy for his blessings for lime garden. Sri Swamy advised him to bring a pot of water from near by pond and pour the water a little on trunk of every plant without dropping a single drop of water on the ground. He faithfully carried out the instructions and poured the remaining water into a near by well. Within a fortnight not only his garden but all the gardens which use water from that well yielded a very good crop.

One day Sri Swamy was about to take his lunch. Sree Ramaiah came for darsan of Sri Swamy. Swamiji invited him to share lunch with him. If he ate food would not be sufficient to Swamy so Ramaiah declined to eat. "Ayya! Do you think this is mere rice? You will know this effect in future" Sri Swamy placed food in his hands and asked him to eat and drink water from the house of potter on his way. He obeyed the orders of Sri Swamy. Many years later, Sree Ramaiah had renounced his house and came to Golagamudi to be in the service of Sri Swamy for rest of his life. Till the end of his life he used to bring biksha from the near by village Anikepalli and thus words of Sri Swamy came true.

Once Sri Swamy put some dried twigs on the river water and lit the fire from his rope. He was sprinkling water on the fire. Instead of getting extinguished the fire was blazing with flames. This incident is from narrations of Mataji Vakkamma. Similar incident was found in the life history of Akkalakoti Swamy.