Protects His Devotees

Our puranas and Holy Scriptures tell us that it is Sri Datta Swamy alone, who takes the forms of great avadhutas and will be pervading through the universe with the sole aim of protecting and guiding humanity in the righteous way. Unless we go through the life histories of such mahatmas we cannot know how vast is the power of these holy men. If we study carefully the life histories of those mahatmas we can understand at least a little about the greatness of Sri Datta Swamy. The Dattatreya Amsa, or the qualities, which are hidden in us, will be awakened and developed when we read their life histories and experience, and enjoy the leelas of Sri Datta. To that extent, we will be nearing the paramardha (our goal). Such fortunate people who came nearer to Sri Datta Swamy will be blessed with the darshan of Mahatmas and they will be seeing only Sri Datta Swamy in all these Mahatmas and very soon attain salvation.
By knowing about the vastness of those mahapurusha's protection of their devotees, we cultivate a reverential attitude of Bhakti and Sraddha. Some such instances are mentioned here under.

In those days when Sri Swamy was staying at Penna Badwell, Mataji Venkamma used to supply the wood and leaf plates for the retinue of Sri Swamy and she used to be immersed in deep dhyana, sitting under the trees. In such times she forgot hunger and thirst. Merciful Swamy used to say "Ayyaa! Venkamma has forgotten to eat food; call her and give her food". Once Venkamma went home and did not return for a long time. When she came and prostrated before Swamy, he said, "I thought that Venkamma was dead. Are you yet alive?" Such was Sri Swamy's wit and kindness.

All the servants went on their errands. Tulasamma asked Venkamma to serve gruel to Sri Swamy, as she had not yet finished her bath. Venkamma never did such services like serving gruel etc. to Sri Swamy. In addition to that, as she belongs to the Harijan caste, she was in a dilemma whether she was qualified to serve Sri Swamy or not. She took the gruel and stood behind Swamy in fear. Omniscient Swamy, "Come on Venkamma! Come! Why fear. Come and serve the gruel in reka (donne made with palmyrah leaf). It might be the view of Swamy that lack of shraddha and devotion towards Satpurusha and pious life, is the only basis for low caste.

In fact her nature is such. One day she was sleeping in Nellore bus stand. A thief was unscrewing her right ear ring. She noticed it but did not move, as she wanted to make his job easy. Then she turned to the other side and allowed him to take that also. When her colleagues asked her about her ear rings she said "a poor man like me was pilfering them when I was sleeping. I let him take them".

At Goparam village a dog used to enter the herd of sheep and kill a sheep every day. The farmer was very angry and he killed the dog with his knife. After that, mysteriously, all his offsprings cried like dogs and died. He petitioned, his plight to Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy blessed him saying, "he will be born, he will be born, he will be born" - thrice he said. As per Swamy's blessings he got three male children and are alive and safe.

Smt Chinnamma, the wife of Dara Pullaiah got her eye operated. Yet, her eye was painful. She was afraid that the operation might not have been properly done, she also doubted whether she would get her eyesight or not. So she prayed to Sri Swamy with grief stricken heart. In her dream, Sri Swamy assured her "You need not fear. As long as the operation took place I was there with you". By the grace of Sri Swamy her eye pain vanished and she regained her eyesight. She is aged sixty.

Pallam Reddy Krisknareddy came to Golagamudi to celebrate Vinayaka Chaturthi in the presence of Sri Swamy. He ordered to prepare one kilogram of boiled bengal gram, two kilos of rice pongal and one kilo of black gram vada. Every day the servants of Swamy brought bhiksha from the neighboring Anikepalli village, which is at a distance of three Km. by bus. But on that day the man missed the bus and did not turn out in time. At that time the pongal was about to get ready. Sri Swamy told them to bring him some food. The servants said that the man from Anikepalli did not come, and the pongal was boiling in the ashram.

Sri Swamy: - Never mind give me a little. They served Sri Swamy the boiled bengal gram, vada and pongal in a leaf plate. Sri Swamy took a little and gave away the rest to take it as prasadam. The man who went to Anikepalli for bhiksha did not turn up till 4 p.m. So the prasadam that was prepared by Krishna Reddy was the only food for twenty-five people to their maximum satisfaction. Yet a large portion was left over. This resembles the incident of Christ distributing seven fish to seven thousand men but yet seven baskets of fish remaining.

Eswaramma, the wife of Narasareddy, Kalichedu village, was a great devotee of Sri Swamy. One day his servants reprimanded her to sit away from Swamy. She was hurt and prayed silently "Swamy! You are making me to go away from the touch of your lotus feet". At once merciful Swamy asked her "Mother! Will you remove a thorn from my foot"? Saying that he stretched his leg towards her. She searched for the thorn for a long time but she could not find any thorn. When she told the same to Sri Swamy, Sri Swamy said, "Is there not any? Ok. Don't worry" He took back his leg. Thus he fulfilled her earnest wish to touch his lotus feet without hurting the servants whom he wanted to ward off strangers from touching him.

This Eswaramma had built a small thatched house. She wanted it to be consecrated by Sri Swamy's lotus feet before her entering into it. She invited Sri Swamy for that. Sri Swamy agreed, but he did not come to that area for three months. So she locked the new house and lived under a bunk, keeping all her things in the bunk. Everybody laughed at her mad attitude and sentiment. Her mind was unperturbed by the comments of the villagers. After three months she got the news that Sri Swamy was in the neighboring village. She explained her inconvenience to Sri Swamy and requested him to inaugurate her house. Sri Swamy said, "Tomorrow is quite auspicious at sun rise. I will come. You can conduct the house warming ceremony tomorrow".
Eswaramma: - "Swamy, within this short time I can not secure the necessary grocery etc. for the function. So kindly give me a little more time.
Sri Swamy: - "Everything will come. You can go". Assured Sri Swamy. During that night she was white washing the house and scrubbing the floor etc. Her old customers gave her rice and a little money as a repayment of the loans they had taken from her. Thus she got over the problem of incurring new debts for the present function. Sri Swamy took his servants and wandered all through the night and reached Eswaramma's house at 3 a.m. in the night. Sri Swamy with his own hands lit the oven with camphor and set his sacred fire in that house. She cooked the ten kilos of rice and curry. Her friend gave her two hundred leaf plates. She used them for the function. The news that Sri Swamy was inaugurating her house brought may devotees to her house. When the two hundred leaf plates were over there were no more guests and no more rice. She and Swamy took the pongal as prasad. Is it possible to feed two hundred villagers with ten kilos of rice? It is only the miracle of Swamy towards his beloved devotee. "There is no dearth of anything in my devotees house" was his saying of Sainath of Shiridi. It proved to be true with Sri Swamy also. Let us be devoted to Sri Swamy at least from now. He is there and will be there every till the sun and the moon exists.

Tupili Pitchemma used to wash Sri Swamy's clothes with devotion. She offered the milk of her buffalo to Sri Swamy. One day she was very much dejected with the cock-races and drinking-habit of her husband and the ill health of her children. At the advice of Tulasamma she wanted to shift her family to a nearby place towards the ashram. Somebody advised her not to build a house in that ghost-haunted place. When she consulted Sri Swamy regarding that house site, he simply said, "The Govt. will give you money and you will build a house". But he did not tell whether that house plot was good or bad for her residence. Within a few days the Govt. gave her money from the cyclone relief fund. So she could build a house in that ghost-haunted place. She hoped that if Sri Swamy consecrates the house with his lotus feet, everything would be all right. She invited Sri Swamy to her house. But the servants of Sri Swamy thought that if they took Swamy to her house at Golagamudi everybody would press them to bring Sri Swamy to their houses. So they were postponing. As there was no other alternative, Pichemma entered the new house resting the whole burden on Sri Swamy.
One day Sri Swamy began to ask them again and again to take him to a new house. They took him to Anjaneya temple.
Swamy: - Not this, I want a new house. Some how Sri Swamy directed them and reached Pitchemma's house.
Swamy: - We must be here for three days. At that time Smt. Pitchemma was at the village water tank with her washing work. When she came home she was surprised to find Sri Swamy in her house. She could not believe her eyes. "God is a bandhi (prisoner) to Bhakti".

Once Sri Swamy went to Mypad for the sea-bath. Korrakuti Bujjaiah got the news after two hours of their departure. With the hope of meeting Sri Swamy there at Mypad seashore, he started to Mypad. At the seashore Sri Swamy had finished his bath and sat on the sand. Inspite of the repeated requests of his servants he did not move to go home. In the mean time Bujjaiah also joined them and finished his bath. At once Sri Swamy started home. Then the devotees understood that Sri Swamy was aware of the journey of Sri Bujjaiah. So he did not move.

Umamaheswari, doughter of Tupili Pichemma was given in marriage at Anikeppali village. Due to certain reasons the husband did not like the innocent and brought pressure on her to accept for divorce in writing, so that he could marry for the second time. He had got an inquiry conducted in the presence of the village elders also. At last with desperate heart she signed the paper also. From that moment, she took off her mangalyam and resorted to the service of Sri Swamy in the ashram. She served Sri Swamy for one year with all her heart and soul. Whenever they asked for her consent for her second marriage she grew wild and shouted them like a "possessed" women. When they asked her to wear the Mangalyam in her neck she used to tell them that her husband was dead. Tulasamma kept the mangalyam under the bed of Sri Swamy for the solution of their problem. Merciful Swamy nullified their bad karmic relations and brought a wonderful transformation in both of them. After sometime her husband sent her a word through mediators. She said that she would come to him only when he comes and takes her to his house. One fine night she took her mangalyam and met her husband who was waiting on the outskirts of the village. Now they are quite happy with their two children. It is possible only to a Sadguru to bring a magic transformation in the hearts of any type of people.

Sri Jayachandra reddy of food corporation Dept., Nellore, narrates his first meeting with Sri Swamy. "I have read about Sri Swamy in Sri Sieelamrutam by Acharya Sri E.Bharadwaja Master. But I did not meet Sri Swamy. I do not know the date of his Mahasamadhi also. Exactly on the prevoius night I got a strange dream. I met an elderly man at Gandhi statue center, Nellore. He asked me "Have you seen Golagamudi? If not go and see him. Go direct south to Nellore. There the millitary people will guide you". In the same dream I was going to see that Avadhuta. I met a sentry at the military tents near Vedayapalem. The sentry told me the way to Golagamudi I continued my walk. I met a lean tall old man with a coad piece and supporting stick in one hand and an earthen pot in the other. Some rags and other things were tied into small bundles and all these bundles were made like a garland around his neck. I took him for Sri Swamy and prostrated before him there on the road. The dream vanished. The next morning my friends invited me to come for Sri Venkaiah Swamy Mandalaradhana at Golagamudi. I visited Golagamudi along with them and worshipped the sacred fire and Samadhi of Sri Swamy. Not only this, there I could meet my beloved Guru Acharya Bharadwaja gaaru. Thus, Sri Swamy took, one more sheep, into his flock".

One day Sri Swamy was on the other bank of river Pennar. On hearing that news, Vekkamma hastened to see Swamy. Her friends dissuaded her not to cross the river as the river was in floods with deep waters. She began weeping at her inability to cross the river and see Sri Swamy. At last with a strong desire to have dashan, she came out of her house. When she stepped in the river the water was not more than six inches deep. She thought, "So, that man had told a lie like that". But when she reached Sri Swamy, all her friends asked her in surprise "how could you cross the river?" Then she understood the truth the river was really in full floods. It is only due to the grace of Sri Swamy that she could cross that river in floods.
In Saibaba's life history too, we find how Sai graced Imam Bhai Chote Khan with a similar experience.

Sri Rosi Reddy had ben in the service of Sri Swamy for a very long time. One day abruptly Sri Swamy hastened RosiReddy to give him a chit writing the name of his third son. He put the chit under his thigh and sat erect. RosiReddy thought that Sri Swamy was protecting his son from a great danger. But he did not know the details.

After three days, even without invitation of anybody, his son came for the darshan of Sri Swamy to offer his graceful prananamas for his mercy. He began to narrate his wonderful experience. "My bullock cart was loaded with mangoes and was going through the ghat road. Due to certain unknown reasons, the bullocks were troubled and pushed aside the yoke. Now the cart was rolling back along the slope in spite of all my attempts to prevent the accident. The cart along with the bulls and me fell down in the deep valley at a depth of forty feet. I lost hope of my life. But to my utter amazement there was not even the slightest damage either to the cart, bullocks or to me. I came here only to express my gratitude to Sri Swamy's grace.

Here Sri Swamy hastened to write a chit on his name (third son) exactly at the same time of the accident on the hills. It is a proof beyond any doubt that Sri Swamy is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient.

Kuchi Eswaramma of Chelopalli village reports like this. At 9 P.M. I took some boiled green gram for offering to Sri Swamy. But by that time everybody was sleeping except Sri Swamy and his servant Ramanaiah who was dozing. I felt sorry for my late coming. At that time Sri Swamy stretched his hand to Ramanaiah and was asking for boiled green gram.
Ramanaiah: - How can we get them now Swamy. We will have them in the morning.
Sri Swamy: - No, I want them not itself.
Eswaramma heard these words and requested Ramanaiah to offer the boiled green gram brought by her. This incident remains us of similar situation when Sri Sai asked for Pulagam to be served him immediately.

In the beggining, we have seen how Sri Swamy saved Seshaih Naidu of Cherlo Palli from the perils of current shock.
Here the important aspect of Sri Swamy is that not only can he predict the future with great accuracy but also he can avert perils of his devotees in the right time, even though they do not pray for him for relief. Here, another aspect of Sri Swamy, for his devotees to note, is that he need not keep on playing his ektara to know the future of his devotees. He can predict the future and tell the past of every creature in the universe at any moment. Simultaneously he lives in both the worlds. In the words of Acharya Bharadwaja "Such mahatmas will always stand in the centre of the door way, seeing both inside and outside the house. But we will be standing either inside or outside of the house at any particular time and we can never stand in the center of the doorway".

Sri Venkaiah Swamy is the best actor on the face of the earth to conceal his real identity. To some devotees he plays on his Ektara for sometime and says a word or two. But at certain other times he goes on playing on his ektara for hours together but at last he would say that he did not get his word. At certain times no sooner did he see a man than he will say every thing about that person. At certain other times even though he was in yoga-sleep on his bed, he will sit erect and dictate the necessary things about certain visitors and again continue his yoga-sleep. From all these instances we can infer that he responds according to our faith in him. His real identity was different from our experience. If we can tune our "Chaitanya" very close to his "Chaitanya" just like Acharya Bharadwaj, then only we can infer a little about him. Without sadhana and punya we cannot understand Sri Swamy at all.

One day Barigala Nagaiah asked Sri Swamy "Swamy! How do we get rain? People say that the sea is rising. What is that?"
Swamy: - If we ask the upper God they will tell.
Nagaiah :- Who is that upper God other than you Swamy?
Swamy :- Are not the ten engines that give us rain, ours only? If we start one of them the world will become upset. So we make it work up to 50% of its capacity. Nagaiah was eager to see those engines. Swamy asked Nagaiah to go and sleep for sometime. But Nagaiah refused to do so. Sri Swamy said if you lie down for a while it will be okay. Unable to refuse the advice of Sri Swamy he lay dowm for a while. Then he got a beautiful vision by the grace of Sri Swamy. There were ten big engines fitted to a hill. Each one was fifty feet in height, thirty feet long and fitted with pipes of six feet diameter. One machine was working there. Heavy ran was pouring down from it. The workers there told Nagaiah "Ayya, it is recorded here that Rs 500/- is entered against your name and Rs 50/- is entered as our salaries.
Nagaiah: - Why so? For people working all through the day only Rs 50/- is paid and for me, who do not work at all Rs 500/-? How can they write so? Workers: - Because you possess the working technology and knowledge of their mechanism. So they wrote like this. The vision vanished. He woke up and came to Swamy. Swamy: - They are ours.
With this Sri Swamy indicated that the vision was not a delusion of Nagaiah's brain. But it was a sacred vision granted by Sri Swamy.

K. Lalitamma of Kammampadu village had no issue even after four years of her marriage. She suffered a lot due to nerves weakness. The injections and medicines of the doctors could not give her any relief. At last she resorted to the grace of Sri Swamy. Without her explanation Sri Swamy said "Ayya! She got a disease. It will go. The son of the Karanam of Gudur died. I will put him in her womb." Sri Swamy gave a chit, a thread and a paper with his thumb impressions. Without using any medicine she was blessed with good health, thereafter within an year she got a male child. Even today, with grateful heart, she comes and worships Sri Swamy's Samadhi.

One day some poisonous worm stung Rosireddy. His leg was swollen and was of red color. He could not walk with pain. He rubbed the swollen leg with sand and washed it in the river saying "O father! What support do I expect from you". After his bath in the river, he came to the service of Sri Swamy. By that evening his leg was all right without any pain. During that night Sri Swamy said, "If you see at the bathing place (river) you will understand". With these words Sri Swamy confirmed Rosireddy that he was an Omniscient and Omnipotent Universal spirit who will come to the rescue of his devotees even without their request. In that short sentence he told that he was hearing his petition at the river and he was witnessing his painful plight. He also indicated that he could cure diseases within no time.

Pusala Meeraiah is at present working at Bangalore. His wife came to the first Aradhana of Sri Swamy. There was a scheme for the daily pooja of Sri Swamy. As per that scheme certain devotees promised to send some dakshina every month to the Ashram. So she also wrote her name in that list promising to send ten rupees every month. She prayed Swamy "Swamy! Without the prior permission of my husband I have promised to pay then rupees every month. Kindly make him to give his consent and send that money to you". When she told the mater to her husband, he told her that he would give the money to Swamy only if he himself asked him.
One day in his dream Sri Swamy came to him with a begging pouch and asked him to give him something. He asked, "What should I give you Swamy".
Swamy: - Give me whatever you have.
He came to Golagamui for the darshan of Sri Swamy Samadhi and paid the arrears of his wife's promise also.

Yellam Raju Eswararaju (Rajampet) read the souvenir "Sadguru darshan" released on the occasion of the inauguration of the Vidyanagar Saibaba Mandir by Sri Acharya E. Bharadwaj. In that book there is an article on Sri Swamy and his photo. He came to Golagamudi to see Sri Swamy. When he took the pathatheerthem of Sri Swamy it was very pleasant and gave him a mild electric shock-like thing and he experienced a pleasant ‘bliss’-like state for sometime. From that day he kept on visiting Golagamudi frequently in spite of all his busy life.

A rare blessing: - The marriage of Padmamma, the sister of Korrakuti Bujjaiah was fixed. Sri Swamy ordered him to celebrate the marriage in the sacred presence of Kanchi Varada Raja Swamy. They arranged for the same and sincerely requested Sri Swamy to accompany them for the marriage at Kanchi and bless the couple. Sri Swamy attended that marriage along with his retinue. He touched the akshintalu, Mangalyam and talamralu rice with his sacred hands and blessed them. With his own money he purchased camphor for a rupee and kept it burning by his side, as long as the marriage ceremony was performed. Sri Swamy did not touch even water till the marriage party left the city. It was the only marriage that Sri Swamy has blessed with his august presence. One day Sri Swamy said to her "Mother, you may face a number of difficulties in your life. Yet, you need not wet your eyes. Even though she had to face the greatest perils in her life, due to the blessings of Sri Swamy, they disappeared like mist
. One day Sri Swamy was coming from Talupur to Golagamudi. On the way at Madras bus-stand, he wanted to go a hospital. It was a strange thing with Sri Swamy because he never went to a hospital for his treatment. In addition to this, Sri Swamy showed the way to Jubilee hospital, which was near Madras bus-stand. It was a riddle to every devotee because Sri Swamy was healthy at that time. When they reached the hospital, they saw Korrakuti Bujjaiah and his ailing sister Padmamma praying for the grace of Sri Swamy. He stayed there for some time and said "Ayya! With this, it is over. Let us go to Golagamudi." Sri Swamy went away to Golagamudi. Within a few days she recovered and came to Golagamudi and offered her heartfelt prostrations to Sri Swamy.

Malle Chenchamma (Nagulavelaturu) asked Sri Swamy in the first visit "Swamy, kindly let this be my last birth.
Swamy: - Abbo, she is the person in the "tenth sight". Everything will be alright for her. Sri Swamy asked her to live in his presence. But she could not leave her family. She left Swamy even without his permission. Afterwards whenever she came, Sri Swamy never granted her permission to go home. But she used to leave without the permission of Sri Swamy. One day Sri Swamy told her a sacred mantra in her dream. At another time Sri Swamy appeared to her, sitting in the moon with a big illumination of light and said, "Is this not the change of loka?"
As she did not come to his service for a very long time, Sri Swamy brought out a sudden change in her mind. So one day she came to Golagamudi with a single pair of dress that was on her body. She lived with Sri Swamy from 1981. " If you live and act as per the regulations the distance between you and me "is only three inches". After Mahasamadhi, she lived in Sri Swamy’s ashram. She forgot all other attachments and worries, she was happily immersed in Dhyana.

One day she prayed Sri Swamy that her mind had not yet come under her control. In her dream Swamy said, "Suppose you have got a disobedient horse which will not heed your orders. Then give it to me the problem will be over. Thus Sri Swamy is still guiding his devotees in the ‘Subramarga’. Where can we get such a quick and fitting response without any sadhana? It is only the mercy of Sri Swamy. Sri Saibaba also compared the uncontrolled mind with a horse.

Noteti Sreeamaih (Nagulavellatur) was a strong devotee of Sri Swamy for a long time. He has handed over all the family responsibilities to his son and came to Golagamudi to spend the rest of his life in the service of Sri Swamy. For the last two days Sri Swamy was in silence without touching even water.

Sreeramaiah came and stood before Sri Swamy and offered his Prananamas with these thoughts in his mind. "I am surviving on the earth only because of your grace. Otherwise, by this time I would have become ashes." At once Sri Swamy opened his eyes and laughed. All the on-lookers were surprised, as they could not understand the cause for his laugh at the sight of Sreeramaih. We do not know the miraculous power that lies in that smile. But from that time onwards, till his last breath, he was in the service of Sri Swamy. Daily collection of bhiksha was his duty. Thus the simple smile of Sri Swamy tied him tight to Sri Swamy’s feet and blessed him with abundance of punya.

Palakonda Subbareddy from his boyhood had a peculiar zeal to serve a sadguru. Among the umpteen of fake gurus, how to recognize the true one? He himself invented a rare method. At every meal he took the first morsel into his hand and uttered Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu sloka and prayed mentally that he was offering that morsel of food to all pervading spirit in the form of Sadguru. Before going to sleep he prayed that Sadguru. Before going to sleep he prayed that Sadguru to fulfill his earnest desire.
One day Sri Venkaiah Swamy appeared in his dream and asked him to come to "Ankalamma botu" near Penna Badwel village and serve him. As per his dream directions, he met Sri Swamy and served him for some years.

The mother-in-law of Acharya Bharadwaja and her daughter Ansuyamma and her friends heard about Sri Swamy’s greatness and wanted to have his darshan. They reached Talupur village. But at that time Sri Swamy reached kalichedu through a short cut route by bullock-cart. But the ladies walked five kilometers without waiting for the bus and wasting their precious time and met Sri Swamy at Kalichedu. Among them the mother-in-law of Acharya Bharadwaja was an old woman of more than sixty years of age. But to her utter amazement, she too was able to walk all the five kilometers distance 12 noon in spite of her old age. During this period Sri Swamy never under took thumb impression work. But on that day by the time the ladies came to him, he again was immersed in thumb impression work. He encouraged them to keep the papers under his thumb with quick succession. Through that work they were graced with an opportunity to touch his sacred body. Thus all their pains of their walking were rewarded. Their parayana and satsang were blessed. Their devotion to Sainath and their parayana of Sri Saileelamrutam pleased Sri Swamy immensely. They believed that Sri Swamy and Sai are one and the same.

T.Ramanamma (Nellore) wanted to see Sri Swamy but she never got a chance. One day Sri Swamy was staying at outskirts of Nellore town on a plain land. Some of her friends invited Ramanamma to accompany them for Sri Swamy’s darshan. At once she started with them at 1 p.m. even without taking her lunch. "It would be good if you finish your lunch and start because it is an odd hour" said her friends.
Ramanamma: - Will not Swamy give me food! She said with great confidence in Sri Swamy.
Friends: - The men of Swamy have finished their lunch by twelve noon. Where from can we get food at his odd hour."
They reached Sri Swamy by 2 p.m. On that day Sri Swamy wanted to change his venue. After lunch they asked Sri Swamy to start, but Sri Swamy said "Children are coming, how is it, if we go elsewhere when the children are arriving here?" In the mean time Ramanamma and her friends reached Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy got his blessings written on pieces of paper for all of them. When Ramanamma’s turn came Sri Swamy said, "Ayya, she came with a firm faith that we will give her food. So give her food."
Servants: - There is no food with us Swamy.
Swamy: - Ayya! Food is there. See in the rice vessel. Till then they have not washed the rice vessel. They brushed the empty rice vessel as per the direction of Sri Swamy. There came the rice, enough for two people. Thus Ramanamma finished her lunch and all her friends took a little as Prasad.
Once Sri Swamy said, " Is it not a single word of Venkaiah ". This statement is exactly suitable about Sri Swamy.

Rosireddy was an excellent follower (servant) of Sri Swamy without any further delay, doubts or questions. One day Sri Swamy said, "Ayya, you go to your village and plant some lime plants and come back." Accordingly Rosireddy went and tried to plant the lime plants. But his wife and children were against that work. "If you plant trees and go away to Sri Swamy, who will look after them and who will give them water and fencing. So drop the proposal of planting lime plants" they said.
But Rosireddy who had unflinching faith in the words of his Guru, took some loan and accomplished the work and came back to Sri Swamy triumphantly. But within a few days his wife and children came to Sri Swamy and grumbled that the lime garden work was an unbearable burden for them. Sri Swamy consoled them and said "Mother! ‘Ammanni’ is guarding that garden. It is worth one and half lakh rupees property. You live in that garden and name that area Sirimella." But somehow they brought up the garden with unwilling hearts. But by the grace of Sri Swamy, it became the best garden in that area. Every year a single crop fetched one and half rupees.

Mandhala Venkaiah (Golagamudi) had no intimacy with Sri Swamy. During the year 1956, one morning Sri Swamy met him on the way and asked him to come to him, so that he can tell him a word. By the time he went Sri Swamy was going to somebody’s house. He followed Sri Swamy silently. Instead of going to any house Sri Swamy himself came to Venkaiah’s house. Sri Swamy observed his house on all sides and said, "Here there is nothing for us to see. Everything is good. You will construct a white house." Sri Swamy drew a line on the ground and said that, that was the border for his house. Sri Swamy went into the thatched house and dug a small pit in the northeast corner of the house and asked him to bring some milk. When the milk was given, he poured it into the pit. The milk over-flowed from the pit towards the northeast direction. Sri Swamy said "That is all. That is all. That is all. What is there? Everything is good." At the request of Venkaiah, Sri Swamy took his lunch in their on that day.
Venkaiah says "Really at that time, I was a daily wage earner. I have no landed property. But by the grace of Sri Swamy in the course of time I have purchased a land and built the pucca building (white house). The miracle here is all the vasthu people determined the plan of the house only up to the line drawn by Sri Swamy on that day." At present he is one of the richest men in the village. He says, "this is all because of the grace of Sri Swamy and not my fate or luck."

One more interesting method of gracing his bhaktas is given here. Devudaiah was a very poor man of Chilakalamarri village. But he was a great bhakta (devotee) and philanthropist. Whenever Sri Swamy visited their village he offered his hospitality to the entire retinue of Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy was very much pleased with his dharmic conduct. It seems that Sri Swamy thought that it would be very useful to this world if such generous and dharmic people were rich also.
One day Sri Swamy asked them to prepare ragi gruel. He poured the gruel in a new pot and covered it with a lid and buried it in the north-east corner of their house at a depth of three feet. From that day he gradually grew richer and richer and became famous for his generosity and philanthropy. It is said that they are rich even today.

The son of Subbarao (karanam-Golagamudi) was a good devotee of Sri Swamy. He gave his intermediate examination hall-ticket to Sri Swamy and solicited his blessings. Sri Swamy blessed him and assured that he will pass the examination. He also gave a chit to that effect. The student was very very happy. But when the result was announced in the newspaper, his number was not found. His mother asked Sri Swamy "Swamy! You have assured that my son will pass the intermediate examination. His number is not in the paper."
Swamy: - No! No! He has passed the examination. Sri Swamy replied in an authenticated tone. As per the marks-list he has passed the examination.
"How can Sri Swamy’s words go waste!"

In 1982 Kannavaram Rajaiah suffered weakness, palpitation of heart and inexplicable fear. He petitioned his plight to Sri Swamy’s picture in his house and in that ecstatic mood he wept loudly. Next morning he went to Nellore and the doctor gave him an injection. By that time he came home and applied ‘Udhi’ to his body and administered some Udhi orally also. Immediately they were taking him to Nellore Govt. Hospital in a taxi.
In front of the car, at a distance of forty feet, Sri Swamy was going with the earthen munta and a stick. He was visible to Rajaiah only and to nobody else. But Rajaiah was asking his friends to see Swamy at a distance. His friends thought that he was in a delirium due to the reaction of the injection. The doctor gave him medicine and injection and said, "You are very lucky. I had to go home an hour earlier but I do not know what made me sit in my seat like this brooding over something. The God made me sit here."

Venkata Munireddy (Tirupati) reports a very fantastic incident experienced by his friend in the year 1981. "My friend was admitted in the Govt hospital at Chittor due to typhoid. He was not given solid food for eighteen days. The doctors gave up hope and asked him to go to Royavellur C.M. hospital for blood transfusion. He was too poor to afford to that costly treatment. He was grief-stricken. In that dejected mood he remembered Sri Venkaiah Swamy about whom he heard from his friend. He mentally petitioned his plight to Sri Swamy with tears. In the very next moment Sri Venkaiah Swamy physically appeared at his cot saying, "you need not worry. You will be alright within three days" and disappeared. By the next minute all his suffering vanished and got tremendous strength. In that state of happiness he left the hospital without the permission of the doctor and walked to reach his village, which was at a distance of eighteen K.M. (by walk). Then onwards, he was blessed with good health, without any treatment. During 1981 he visited Sri Swamy at Golagamudi and offered his heartfelt pranams to the God on earth in human form. This is a rare experience because Sri Swamy granted his physical darshan while he was physically at Golagamudi. Such experiences were not reported while Sri Swamy was in flesh and blood.