Omniscient Swamy

Satpurusha is a person who attains perfect Atma Gnana with the grace of his Guru. They shall be in unison with the Universal Spirit and enjoying the eternal bliss. Added to this they are aware of every thing which is happening in the world and saving the devotees accordingly. In this Chapter you find some of the experiences of the devotees who are protected by Sri Swamy even without representing the problem to him.

One day Gowni Penchalamma offered some betel leaves and nut to Sri Swamy. Servants refused her offerings and threw them aside. She felt offended and lay down at a distance. At once Omniscient Swamy pointing towards her asked betel nut and leaves again and again. Servants asked Penchalamma and brought betel nut and leaves to Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy gives weight not to the value of the thing offered but for the feeling behind the offering.

Once Sri Swamy was at Kuduru Venkamma's house. Sri Swamy used to take his food only after all his guests had finished their meals. Venkamma invited Sri Swamy for lunch. Sri Swamy said "Amma! Forty people are coming for lunch. Do not waste time. Go and look after the preparations for their lunch." Within minutes 40 people came for darsan of Sri Swamy. The food was prepared and served to the party.

One day early in the morning at 4 'O Clock K Ramanaiah and Subba Reddy were going to forest to bring fire wood. Sri Swamy repeatedly asked them 4 or 5 times to take lantern with them. In obedience to Sri Swamy's order they took a lantern with them. On the way they saw cobra lying across the way. On seeing the light of the lantern it crawled into bushes. Omniscient Swamy knew the where abouts and movements of every creature in the universe.

One day Sri Swamy told P Subba Reddy "Ayya! the sea is swelling. You must go home at once. You should not stay here". Subba Reddy did not understand what swamy meant but with obedience to Sri Swamy's words he went home. By the same evening, his brother came to Sri Swamy to take back Subba Reddy who was serving our Swamyji since a long time unmindful of his family. Ofcourse they could not meet each other. The ocean of Samsara is more dangerous than the normal ocean which redeems our sins by taking a bath in its water.

Once Karri Ramaswamy of Inukurthi village was suffering with bleeding in the nose and mouth. All the doctors at Nellore could not cure him. As a last resort he told Sri Swamy about his plight. Sri Swamy got his directions written on paper like this "you will be cured by day after tomorrow. You have to face a deadly accident on 44th day, but by grace of god you will be safe. You will live 72 yrs and 2 mons. You must visit Tirupati, Kanchi, and Tiruvallur . At every place you should take bath, offer coconut, sleep there for that night and come back". By the grace of swamy he was cured of his bleeding nose by third day without any medicines. For long time he had been visiting Swamy in gratitude, but did not go to the place told by swamy. One day he visited Sri Swamy in Talupur. At once Sri Swamy ordered him to go to the said places immediately, if necessary by taking loan from some body. Without going to his native place, he took loan from some body and at once started to Tirupati. At every place he did as directed by Sri Swamy. One day he was going to darga in Nellore. On the way big cobra attacked him. It terrified him for half an hour. He just closed his eyes and prayed Sri Swamy. At once the cobra went into bushes. The next day he came to Sri Swamy. On seeing him Sri Swamy said "Yesterday you have escaped from your 44th day peril". Sri Swamy not only predicts the impending dangers of his devotees but also saves them from those dangers.

Palakonda Subba Reddy of Goparam village requeted for Sri Swamy's blessings for digging a well in his fields. Sri Swamy said that it was a sea. After the completion of the well the water level in the well did not fall even an inch even though they pumped out the water with 5 HP motor. Really it is a sea.

Pallam Reddy cultivated paddy in his fields. At the final stages, due to insufficient water, the golden crop turned in to chaff. According to the experienced estimation, it would be a great thing if it can yield two quintals. If it did not yield atleaset ten quintals, he could not meet the expenditure of the cultivation. So he vowed to Sri Swamy to offer one hundred rupees if it yields 10 quintals of paddy. So he started to meet Sri Swamy with hundred rs. But he spent 30Rs for his expenditure and kept the remaining 70Rs under Sri Swamy's mat. At once Sri Swamy said "Not paid fully as per vow. Yet, 30 Rs due. Take away this amount also." One of the servants told swamy that he has no money for his return journey and so he promised to give the remaining money later on. Swamy "he will not give, will you promise to pay that money on his behalf?" He agreed to pay and that amout was accepted by swamy. In course of time Sri Swamy's prediction came true. Neither he nor his friend paid the amount. .

One day Sri Swamy was served with Upma for his breakfast. He took a little and gave the rest of it to Mallika Venkaiah and asked him to feed the dogs with it. But Venkaiah ate the upma without feeding the dogs. He was also glad that Swamy did not reprimand him. He repeated the same for 4 days. On the fifth day Sri Swamy threw the upma into the sacred fire without giving to venkaiah. Sri Swamy said "A two legged dog is swallowing the food every day." At once venkaiah repented for his sin and begged Sri Swamy's pardon."

One day Sri Swamy gave a chit to Palakonda Subba Reddy stating "there will be a dispute between your village and next village on 21st day. If you say a word the dispute will be liquidated" On hearing these words Subba Reddy asked Sri Swamy "how can I manage such a greate dispute? Will they heed to my counsel". Sri Swamy said "As you are going from here, every thing will be alright with a single word."
Really on the day of dispute, both the parties were ready with their deadliest weapons, on the out skirts of their village. P Subbareddy remembered Sri Swamy's words, he went there and said "Its not good for you elderly people like you, who is competent enough to teach others to come out like this." We cannot imagine the effect of these words. At once both the parties dispersed from the spot. "Is it not order of Sri Swamy?"

During 1978 a child was vomiting blood and was in great distress. Many doctors tried to cure the baby, but in vain. At last they came to Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy massaged the child's body from neck to toe. From next minute the child was alright. The grateful parents offered Rs 250 to Sri Swamy. In spite of repeated requests Sri Swamy rejected the offerent. At last Sri Swamy said "bring the dakshina after 4 months." Exactly after 4 months the child died and they did not come to offer the money.

Once Bujjaiah was in dire need of money. He wanted to sell his sheep to a butcher. On that night in his dream Sri Swamy said "selling sheep to a butcher is a greatest sin" At once he woke up. "What Swamy said is true but what should be done for this urgency? what ever it may be Sri Swamy is my only saviour" he thought. The next morning, he took the sheep to Nellore and kept them at a butcher's shop. So many people were coming and going but no body came forward to buy them. At last a neighouring villager came and agreed to buy them if he gave them for some consessional rate and he would feed them and bring them up. At once he sold themfor concessional rate to that villager. Thus Sri Swamy saved the sheep from the butcher and his devotee from burden of sin.

One day Sri Swamy went to Panchalingala kona. The servants stopped at a place to take rest. Sri Swamy asked them not to stay there any longer as there was a danger at that place. At once the party proceeded on their way. On their return journey they found a big wing of the hill collapsed in that place. They understood Swamy's words. Omniscient Swamy knew every thing in and around the world.

In spite of search for 25 days Subbareddy could not trace his bull. Sri Swamy ordered him not to go in search of the bull, it will reach on its own accord. By the time he reached his house the bull returned to his home. In the same way we find Shirdi Sai Baba, informing the where abouts of Chandpatel's horse.

A Neelakanta raju was working as PET at Cheerala, and his wife was working at kalichedu. If he got job at Kalichedu both wife and husband can live in same place. So they came for the blessings of Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy said that he was going to be appointed at Kalichedu with in a few months. At that time really there was no scope for such appointment because at Kalichedu high school, a young man called sabjan was already working as PET. Within few months sabjan got a job at his native place Rapur and he resigned his job at kalichedu. So Sri rajugaru was appointed in that vacancy.

Polireddy garu the surveyor of Kalyanram Mica mine, kalichedu village, got himself entangled in some troubles in the co-operative society of that mine. He went for the blessings from Sri Swamy. Even without his representation, Sri Swamy asked him to come near and said "you will be ruler of patalaloka. They have created some hurdles which will be removed by God."
At that time manager's post was vacant in that mine. Even though Polireddy garu was qualified for that post he did not apply because of the problems in his cooperative society. The Raja of venkatagiri asked the concerned officials to suggest him a person for manager's post. All the officials suggested Polireddy garu's name unanimously. Within few days, Raja of Venkatagiri sent orders for Polireddy garu to the underground manager's post. Not only this, even the problems in the cooperative society were solved by the grace of Sri Swamy. So even today he is sending every month a dakshina of Rs 25.