How to Reach:         
The nearest big town to Golagamudi is Nellore. You can reach Nellore either by Train or by Bus. It is about 100 Km from Temple city, Tirupati. After reaching Nellore you should go to Nellore Bus Station. From Nellore Bus Station you should board a bus going towards Anikepalle. You have a bus for every half hour.

Sayings of Sri Swamy:

  1. Feed the hungry but not the belching.
  2. Whatever you desire will be fulfilled if you come here with full faith.
  3. You take it granted that Venkaiah is in all creatures.
  4. Even if you leave me I will not leave you.
  5. What is it that you gain from having Dharshan of the Maharaja of Mysore? You reap what you sow.
  6. I will be responding as per one’s faith.
  7. I will pick up my lamb even though it is heard of thousand.
  8. Equal love for all will enable you to realize God.
  9. I am responsible for the welfare of all the people who give and bring a morsel of food in my name.
  10. When a devotee asked for mantra, Swamy said “There is no mantra or tantra. Go ahead with vichara (discrimination)”.
  11. It is nothing great if a monk sticks on to dharma. It is great if a house holder sticks on to dharma.
  12. We must stick to dharma even while lending money for interest.
  13. We much achieve nobility, simplicity and service to Sadguru.
  14. You will in cur a loss of ten rupees for stealing a quarter of a rupee.
  15. If we crave for a share in the profit we should also share the sin.
  16. It is better for us to leave rather than asking others to leave.
  17. If greed is lost everything is lost.
  18. If you are careful that the thread is not cut off, I will be ever with you.