Supernatural Vision  (Miraculous Sights)

Sri Mahavishnu took 10 avatars to save his devotees and protect dharma on earth. In addition to these Avatars, to provide spiritual awakening through divine and mysterious Bhagawat Tatvam experience, that Bhagwat tatwam exists forever on the earth in the form of perfect Mahatmas. That, according to puranas is the avadhuta Sri Dattreya Swamy. As per Geetha our lives will be blessed by seeking protection of such Mahapurushas. Only through those Mahatmas, we got our treasure of spiritual knowledge like Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas etc. The Upanishads emphasize the need and necessity for the seekers to resort to such Mahatmas.

Sadguru not only teach sastras and upnishads but also make us to exerience the truth in them. Sri Krishna did the same thing to Arjuna by granting the vision of Viswarupa. We can find granting similar experiences to the devotees by the replicas of Datta like Shiridi Sai, Akkalakota Swamy. The guru charitra also describes features of previous Dattavataras. Bhagawan Venkaiah Swamy is one such Dattavataras. He was amongst us till Aug 1982.

To speak truth, without reading the life history of other incaranations of Datta, we cannot understand the full spiritual glory of Sri Venkaiah Swamy. If we ignore the truth of these statements there is every danger of taking him for a Mad man or lunatic, or a beggar, or a bread-earning sadhu. This principle is told in the Guru geetha of Skanda purana as follows. "A seeker, who is interested in knowledge regarding the atma, has to collect the knowledge from various teachers like a bee that goes from flower to flower. Just like the other Dattavataras Sri Venkaiah Swamy also graces his followers with some miraculous experiences in the following chapter.

One day Sri Swamy was in the house of Eswara Naidu at Talupur village.It was a rainy season.
Sri Swamy was immersed in thumb impression work. (He used to go on putting his thumb impression day and night on papers). The owner of the house requested Sri Swamy and Akkim Venkata Ramireddy to take meals as it was very late in the night. Then Sri Swamy said to venkata ramireddy "Ayya! Mandalalu have come down, The branch will not join. You should go to your village at once". But Chalamanaidu one of the servants of Sri Swamy who was on the spot took advantage of his intimacy with Sri Swamy and said "Now it is midnight, you ordain him to go to his native place at this odd midnight. How can he go in this rainy midnight? With these words and picking up anaxes he jumped toward Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy said "Abbo! he should not be here Ayya". The rest of the details are given by Sri venkata Ramireddy like this.
"I never said a word aganist the orders of Sri Swamy. So, I started to my native place at that dark rainy midnight. I was conscious of every thing till I left the out skirts of Talupur. After that I do not know where I was and what I was doing and how I crossed the river "pinneru" and how I reached my village. When I came near my house I heard the cry of our village "breeding bull" and came to consciousness. I recognised the surroundings like the gate of my house, the breeding bull of our village etc. It is an inexplicable experience. This experience resembles given by Shiridi Sai to Imambai Chotekhan in Sai leelamrutam.

The same Akkim Venkata Ramireddy explains some more of his experiences. One day Sri Swamy came to Mudigedu village. He changed to my name and called me Subbaramaiah. "Subbaramaiah come with me and show me way to Talupur village" When every body was sleeping both of us reached Kokkerala gutta. He asked me to sit there. He also said that if he walked on the hillock it will become soft and so he will do the job then itself. I secretly followed Sri Swamy and hid behind a rock. Sri Swamy climbed the hillock and lay on his back on a rock. He placed his right leg across his left. He was singing some songs. I crawled in secretly and hid under the boulder on which he was lying. At once he noticed me "Is it proper for you to come like this at the odd hour when gigantic evil sprits move about?"

I felt that I have done some fault. At once Sri Swamy said "poor fellow! you see the herd of cattle on the west". I turned my head to the west. There were herds of cows up to an area of three sq miles. There was bright day light. The gents are drawing milk and someladies were carrying the milk in pots on their heads . As long as I saw this scene I felt that I was in the heavens. At that time I found nothing in that area except the cows and people. In that esctatic mood I said "Swamy I too will go and carry a milk pot".

Sri Swamy said Oyabbo - on one side they are carrying them to repalliwada and on the other side sun is coming up. Where are you to go? Then I turned my eye sight on all sides and observed. Every where there was darkness and the earlier visions were no more to be seen. Sri Swamy said "let us go Ayya, we must go to Talupur and put some thumb impressions. Both of us started to Talupur.

In those days Sri Swamy used to wander at midnight. One day there was great rain and thunder and lightning. In the dark dangerous midnight Sri Swamy started from his dhuni with a palmyrah leaf on his head. In order to find out where he should go and what he would do there, I secretly followed him. He came to the doby ghat in the river pinneru. He removed his clothes and left them on the banks of the river which was on full spate. He ran into waters. He did not sink. He is running on the waters of the river on full floods and throwing the waters this way and that way. He was speaking to himself in a language which we do not understand. He was walking between the two banks of river on the waters. He did not sink.
After some time he put on his dress and came to the palmyrah tree where I was standing. He was pointing me with his stick saying "is it proper for you to come like this at this odd hour? This is giants lagnam. He put his stick on the my neck and pushed me home. When we came to my house he sat near the dhuni like an ignorant boy. The time was only 4'O clock.

One day Sri Swamy, while he was immersed in thumb impression work, called Akkim Venkata Ramireddy and said "Your name is changed. You got some censure. So, immediately you go to your house."
Tulasamma gave two rs for my bus fares. By the time I reached home all the people in the village had gathered before my house .There was great hubub among them. They saw me in great wonder and surprise. On enquiry, the cowherd boys brought a rumour that I was killed by some body and my dead body was rolled in a mat and inserted in a busy in the forest. The mob was there to bring the dead body. When they went to forest they found only mat in the bushes. Then I understood Sri Swamy's words.

One day when Sri Swamy was at Golagamudi he was going out alone during midnight. As was my habit I went behind him secretly. Sri Swamy reached Nagularam area and went to Pegadraju gutta. I hid behind some bushes. A few minutes later Sri Swamy came to me and reprimanded me. "In spite of my repeated warnings you are still following me? What a dangerous time this is? See in that direction." A very big snake whose circumference was more than 6 ft was cut down into bits and was thrown there. "If the Gods had not done like that what would have happened to us?" I returned to the village. Sri Swamy returned to the village by 7 am carrying a bundle of small fire wood on his head.

Once Sri Swamy and Jayaramaraju were going near Ankalamma boat near Pennabadwel. Sri Swamy pointed to the sky and said "look at the people walking on the sky" Jayaramaraju said that he found none. Then Sri Swamy touched his eyes and asked him to see again. Jayaramaraju found some gigantic people walking in the sky. Again when Sri Swamy touched his eyes the scene vanished.

Mataji Vakkamma wanted to see Sri Swamy's powers. One day she was lying on the floor at a distance of 30 feet from Sri Swamy. At a distance of 20ft she saw Sri Rama and Lakshamana standing in smiles. Within a few minutes Sri Krishna appeared in their place. Vakkamma bowed down with great reverence for granting her long cherished desire. Sri Swamy warned her not to tell such things to any body. So,she never opened her lips till Sri Swamy's Mahasamadhi.
One day vakkamma was standing at a distance from Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy lovingly called her to come near him; but when she went near him, there was no Sri Swamy at all. In his place she saw Sri Krishna in the sky standing on a wire. He was playing his murali. With tears of joy she saw him for some time. Then Sri Swamy appeared as usual sitting in his place.
One day she went to Anjaneya temple. Anjanyeya Swamy came and stood by her side and said in clear voice "Worship me with garland". In Guru Charitra, Gods appeared on their own accord to those who got the grace of Sadguru.

Sri Swamy used to lie down very near the sacred fire. Guravaiah was sleeping near Sri Swamy and the others were in deep lumber. Some bare bodied Rishees sat around Sri Swamy and were discussing some thing. Guravaiah woke up and tried to adjust the fire wood in the sacred fire. Sri Swamy at once said "Ayya, why did you get up now". Guravaiah felt unconscious and fell down at the sacred fire. He could not wake up till Rishis disappeared.

13. You will incur a loss of ten rupees for stealing a quarter of a rupee.