Assures All Sincere Calls

Once Swamy Said "I will be responding as per your Faith". In this chapter you shall see how Sri Swamy saved all his devotees when they appealed to Sri Swamy with their sincere devotion.

Barigala Nagiah was in service of Sri Swamy from long time. One day he was suffering with a terrible pain under the right ribs. He was twistling and wriggling with great pain. His friends requested him to come to the doctor. He said that his only doctor was Sri Swamy and refused to go else where. Inspite of Sri Swamy's nama smarana there was no relief. It was unbearable "What Swamy, in this Kaliyuga, did you leave the earth or have forgotten me?" With great distress and agony he shed tear with a loud yell. At once the pain was removed. Sri Swamy gave him a dream vision and said "I did not go anywhere. I am always after you."

One day Sri Swamy put the tip of his index finger on his left palm and said "There is a thorn prick ayya." Really there was no thorn prick to Swamy. Devotees could not understand why Sri Swamy said like that. After an hour they came to know that Bujjaiah garu who was at a disance of 1/2 a mile from Sri Swamy had been stung by a scorpion in his palm. Exactly at the same time Sri Swamy referred to the thorn prick. But mysteriously Bujjaiah's pain was relieved as soon as he prayed Sri Swamy, without applying any medicine. One day chettaiah had a scorpion sting in his leg while he was ploughing his field. At once he caught hold of his foot and cried "Om Gurudeva, Om gurudeva, Om gurudeva" He got rid of his pain without the application of any medicine.

One day Rosireddy was at Kalichedu in the service of Sri Swamy. He had pain in his eye due to operation. Sri Swamy ordered him in writing "Ayya you must go to your house immediately" If 40lakhs are paid "Rama Lakshmanas" will save you on the way. "Ammanni" will protect you at your village. Tomorrow morning you may go and return even without telling me again". When he was going home, he was walking on the Railway platform of Rajampet. He could not clearly see the way due to the focus of the light in the Railway station, So he slipped down from the platform and fell on the railway line at a depth of four feet. But to the utter surprise of the other passengers he was not hurt even a little. During his stay in his village, the village deity Yellamma appeared in his dream all the four days. As he was saved on the way, he could understand Swamy's words. "You will be protected by Rama".

The karanam of Ananthasagaram lost the first two issues. When his wife was pregnant for the third time, they came for the blessings of Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy assured him "the child will live. But she will meet with a danger in the third year". When the baby was three years old it slipped and fell down from the bullock cart and the wheel of the cart ran over her head. But the little child was safe, due to the blessings of Sri Swamy.

Tupili Venkaiah used to wash the clothes of Sri Swamy. He used to wash his clothes with great devotion. In 1981, during summer he woke up at midnight and could not sleep on his bed. To light his beedi at the lamp, he went into his house. He saw in the darkness a man sitting in the center of the house. He cried aloud in fear. The thief also cried in fear. With this, all the people rushed there with torch lights etc. They found the man sitting in the middle of the house and all the clothes and utensils and other articles were spread around him. Without any effort they captured him and tied him to the pole. For the curiosity sake they asked him why he did not run away and escape. He told like this "While I was entering the house some body knocked on my back and I became helpless. Some how I bundled the things in a blanket. But some invisible voice commanded me to keep all the things in their original place, I could not but obey the "voice" in fear. As I could not move I kept them like this. My eyes lost their sight and my legs their stamina. Otherwise even if all of you come together you would hav been easily over powered with one or two blows with this bamboo stick.

The she buffalo of Goddati seshaiah of Golagamudi village was suffereing a lot with some disease and it was in crises. He rushed to Sri Swamy in great haste. But Sri Swamy was drinking his gruel. So the servants did not allow him to go near Sri Swamy and represent his problem. But Seshaiah was in great anxiety. At once Sri Swamy looked at him and said "Ayyo! by the time you go home, your buffalo would be alright". To his utter surprise the crises of the buffalo was cleared in a wink of time and it was eating grass by the time he went home.

One day Makani Venkata Rao requested Sri Swamy's blessings for going to Madras. Generally Sri Swamy says "Let him go and come or Alright, go and come happily." But this day Sri Swamy "You will be saved by Kanchi Varadarajah Swamy and Tiruvalluru Veera Raghava Swamy. You can go." At Madras Venkata Rao, while getting into a packed city bus, caught hold of the handle with one hand and placed his left foot on the foot board. But, before he could put his right foot, the bus picked up speed and he was hanging from the bus and his foot was dragging along the road. Every body thought that he would fall down and die. There was great havaoc in the bus. But the driver could not hear the shouts from behind, as the bus was fully packed. Venkata Rao lost hope. By the grace of Sri Swamy they bus stopped on its own accord due to the burst of tire. All the passengers said that if the tire did not burst in time he would have surely died. He is very very lucky. Venkat Rao then understood the meaning of Sri Swamy's special blessings at Golagamudi while he was starting to Madras.

A senior servant of Swamy, Jayaramaraju narrated his own experience to Veluru Subramanyam like this. "One day I was taking my bullocks to the forest for grazing". Sri Swamy asked me "Ayya! you drive your bullocks to forest and come here." I represented Sri Swamy as there is no one to look after the bullocks in the forest. Sri Swamy said "You need not worry about them. Please come back." With full confidence in Sri Swamy, I came back and sat with Sri Swamy. After some time, without any reason, Sri Swamy picked up a stick and jumped up and ran crying "Dhey, Dhey". Actually they was nothing near by for him to drive away. Sri Swamy came back and sat quite before his fire. I dared to ask Swamy "When there is nothing here, Whom are you driving asway Swamy!". Sri Swamy replied "Your Bull Ayya". Sri Swamy gave me no other details regarding my bull. I took it for his rare flashes of anger which we used to notice now and then. Then next day the cowherd boys narrated like this. "Ayya the thumb impressions Swamy is a great dare devil. Yesterday a tiger leaped on your bull. The thumb impressions Swamy jumped on the tiger with a stick and drove it away. Otherwise your bull would have been killed yesterday. Then I understood the reason for Sri Swamy's flash of anger and jumping with a stick on the previous day."

In those days Sri Swamy used to put his thumb impressions on papers while sitting before his sacred fire. This Jayaramaraju had a good number of such experiences with Sri Swamy. That is why this man is dedicated himself in the service of Sri Swamy.

One day the son of subbarao(Karnam- Golagamudi) was walking along the road at Nellore with his friends. A tractor knocked him from behind. The front wheel ran on his stomach. The back wheel touched him and stopped. One of his ribs was broken. He was admitted in Govt. Hospital. The doctors said that he could walk only after three months. His friend also fell under the same tractor, but escaped with some minor wounds and he was alright. At the same time Sri Swamy was shouting at Golagamudi. "Accident, Accident, danger, danger - light the oil lamp - light the oil lamp". During day time he got the oil lamps burning. The devotees could not undestand strange behaviour of Sri Swamy. The next morning that accident of Karanam Subarao's son came to light. Sri Swamy was told about the accident. Sri Swamy said "He will be alright with in a fortnight, God saved him." He got these word written on a piece of paper and sent it along with swamy's cod piece to spread on his bed and udhi for his use. He the unusual happening is 1) The back wheel did not run on him 2) The doctors expected his recovery after 2 months but he walked after a fortnight with the blessings of Sri Swamy.

One day Sri Swamy and his party went to Tirupathi. In the return journey no body noticed that Rosi Reddy was not in the train. Sri Swamy reached Kalichedu along with his party without Rosi Reddy. Rosi Reddy had no money with him for his fares. But by the next train he came without purchasing a ticket. Rosi Reddy says "Some how I could reach Gudur by rain". How am I to reach Kalichedu from Gudur". Rosi reddy was suffering from mental worry. Then an unknown lady offered him a rupee note and plantains in a plate and requested Rosi reddy "Swamy I am a poor old woman. Kindly accept this little offering." He at once understood this as an instigation of Sri Swamy and accepted the offering. He used that one rupee for bus fare and reached Kalichedu.

Vallapureddy Audinarayana reddy was once admitted in the American Hospital, Nellore as he was suffereing from TB. His condition was hopeless. The doctors gave up hope. All his relatives were visiting him to hav the last looks. His mother left home long ago and was dedicated in the service of Sri Swamy for the last 10 yrs. Every body forced her to go and see her own only son fo the last time. Eventhough she was not willing to leave Sri Swamy's presence, with the compulsion of others, she put forth the proposal for the consideration of Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy said"Amma! do not worry, he will be alright with in a few days. You need not go". Due to the blessings of Sri Swamy, Reddy garu escaped death and recovered well with in a few days. Later on he got married and got children also.
Till then Audinarayana Reddy had little regard towards Sri Swamy. He used to laugh at the devotion of his mother who was in the service of Sri Swamy. With this personal experience, he was transformed into strong devotee of Sri Swamy. In course of time this audi narayana reddy met the cost of the construction of the Samadhi mandir, single handed in 1981(nearly 1 lakh).

Sri Swamy used to give different duties to different servants. They cannot exchange their duties without the permission of Sri Swamy. Supply of fire wood to the sacred fire was the duty of Ramanaiah. One day early in the morning Sri Swamy called upon Ramanaiah and told him "Ayya! todya you stay here and look after the supply of water and fire, here". He thought that Sri Swamy changed his duty. After some time he ignored Sri Swamy's words and climbed a tree to cut down the branched for fire wood. While falling down from the tree, a branch hit him on the chest and he fell down on the ground. His collar bone was fractured. But by the grace of Sri Swamy he did not fall on the big boulder which at a distance of 4 inches from his head. If his head was to hit aganist the rock he would have died on the spot. Every body thought that the accident was purely due to his negligence of Sri Swamy's advise and it was a punishment. Ramanaiah informed Sri Swamy about his sad plight. Sri Swamy said "Ayya the hospital is your shelter" and gave a chit to that effect. He was admitted in the Govt hospital and was cured gradually. Every body realised that it was punishment for neglecting the advise of Sri Swamy and it was a lesson to all.