Swamy After Maha Samadhi

The common man deludes that he is limited to his body. While experiencing the cycle of birth and death, they think that the birth of their body is their birth and the death of their body is their death. Due to the association of Satpurusha only a few are awakened from the delusion and through discrimination and dispassion hey overcome such delusions. They recognize that they are the everlasting "Atma". Their power will not end with the shedding away of their physical body. As said by Sri Venkaiah Swamy, "Till the Sun and the Moon exist", they will continue to live in the subtle form and protect their devotees. For this reason Shiridi Sai said "My matti (soil) will reply, my name will speak, my tomb will move along with my devotees wherever they might be and protect them." It is not correct to ask how long it will continue. It will continue as long as we can resort to them. To those who can totally surrender themselves, they will be guided and protected till they are perfectly reunited with "Atma". So Saibaba said "I will not leave anybody in the middle. I will take them to the last goal. I have to give account for every paisa that is entrusted to me". Sri Venkaiah Swamy, also is protecting his devotees even after his Mahasamadhi.

In March 1983, the bull of kaku Ragaiah (Golagamudi) lost its way and was not seen in spite of their search for one month. They could not trace its way. One night he prayed Swamy for help and slept. In his dream he was walking behind Swamy. Both of them went straight to a village on the eastern side of Golagamudi. In that village they went to a cattle shed. His bull was standing on the heap of dung in that shed. In his dream he left Sri Swamy there and came back to Golagamudi. He woke up from his dream.
To verify his dream next morning he went to Penubarthy a village situated on the eastern side of Golagamudi. He went to the cattle shed that he saw in his dream. To his utter amazement, his bull was standing on the dunk heap as he had seen in his dream last night.

Rayi Lakshmi Narsareddy of Penubarthy, near Gonupalli, missed his pair of bulls a month ago. Their one-month search yielded no fruit. His wife wept before Swamy’s picture and prayed "Swamy how to carry out the cultivation and feed the family?" she prayed with tears and slept. In her dream she saw Swamy. Both his fore legs were bleeding due to scratching of thorns. Sri Swamy said, "While I brought your bulls, you see how my legs are bleeding". She woke up and saw. To her utter amazement her pair of bullocks were standing before her door and their bodies were also bleeding with scratches.

One day Sri Swamy set up his sacred fire on a sandy place in the river pennar at Pottepalem village near Nellore. The farmers of the pumpkin garden in that area were very happy at thetas they do not need a watchman for their gardens. On that day there was rain and the water level in the river was gradually increasing. The farmer said "you old man! The river is increasing its flow. Let us go into the village". But the Swamy did not move. Next morning the farmers came and found the Swamy intact in his place before the scared fire. They also found that the river flowed to a depth of 20 feet which was evident through the marks on the trees were on the banks of the river. But there was dry sand around Sri Swamy to a distance of ten feet around him. All the farmers were wonder struck at the yogic powers of Sri Swamy and they prostrated before him with whole hearted devotion.

Uppala Seshamma (Edur village), in 1981 had a swelling on her two legs from the knee to the toe and there were unbearable pains. She had no food and sleep for days and nights. All her attempts with doctors and Mantra, tantras were in vain. She heard of Sri Venkaiah Swamy of Golagamudi and in 1983 she came to Gologamudi. After two years of wakeful nights, she slept soundly on that night, due to the relief she got from her pain. Within three weeks she got rid of the disease completely. There after she used to pay weekly visits to Golagamudi.so she started worshipping his picture at her home. Again the pain and suffering started as it had been in the beginning. She prayed "Swamy even though I couldn’t take you darshan, I am always thinking and praying you. Kindly show me mercy. On that night Sri Swamy appeared in her dream and said "Mother! Is it a weight on the head to be removed and kept aside? Was it not there for the last three years? Will it suffice, if you stay some where and call me "father". Next morning in spite of all her pains she walked some distance to catch the bus and reached Golagamudi and got rid of her suffering. So here Sri Swamy indicates that we must and should do our sadhana at his Samadhi. It is more fruitful than any where else.
The daughter of the above woman was suffering with excessive discharge. It was not cured with medicines. She vowed to take the darshan of Sri Swamy if her disease was cured. From that day onwards there was no symptoms of that disease for her. She kept up her vow she made to Swamy.

Polu Mastanaiah (Penubarthy) purchased vegetables for the first Aradhana of Sri Swamy and was bringing them by rickshaw. After coming a few yards he remembered that he had left a bag in the shop. So he stopped the rickshaw on the road and came back to the shop by walk and within a few minutes he returned to the rickshaw. But the rickshaw was not there. He searched every nook and corner and all the streets for an hour, but in vain. He sat quite dejected and with gloomy thoughts. He could not decide upon what to do. After one and half an hour time, the rickshaw fellow came to the same spot with folded hands and penitence in heart and said "Sir, my mind was wavered a little and misguided me. After going a little distance I could not see and lost my strength to pull the rickshaw. All my efforts failed. So I came back in search of you. I beg your pardon, please excuse me". So Sri Swamy is protecting his devotees even when they are not in a mood to pray.

In 1983 the bull of Korakuti Narashimhulu Naidu was suffering from some disease. They kept the bull near Sri Swamy’s Samadhi for three days and applied udhi to it. But the disease showed ups and downs in its intensity but not cured completely. One day they shed tears and thought, "In spite of our faith in Swamy he did not cure it. It will not survive".
On that night in his dream he saw Sri Swamy sitting on a throne in a brightly illuminated darbar. Naidu went and stood before Sri Swamy. At once Sri Swami said, "Your bull will be all right you can go Ayyaa". He woke up and found his bull had passed a pot of urine and was eating the grass.

In September 1983 while playing with another child Tupili Syamala(aged three) fell into the blazing flames of the scared fire. (In those days the fire was in front of Samadhi Mandir in open air without any protection). She fell flat into the flames. Her both hands went into the embers and hot ashes of the fire. At once Nagaiah (poojari) rushed and picked her out of the fire. To the utter amazement of all the on lookers, not a hair of the child was scorched, nor her delicate palms were burnt. Not even a thread of her clothes was burnt. How alert is Sri Swamy about the welfare of his children!

Tupili Venkaiah (Golagamudi) in 1984 was climbing the ladder of the bus with a bid bundle of clothes on his head. Before he threw the bundle on the bus, the bus moved and he fell down from a height of eight feet on the tar road. The bus stopped after going to a distance of sixty feet. Everybody thought that Venkaiah’s head would have broken and died. But to their greatest wonder, he was running towards the bus with his bundle of clothes. Everybody said that the Mangalyam of his wife was strong. His wife Pitchemma alone knew that her husband survived from the bus accident only due to the grace of Sri Swamy. Because three days before this accident, in her dream, Sri Swamy’s Samadhi mandir poojari Nagaiah came to her to apply kumkum on her forehead. Pitchemma took the kumkum from him and had it on her forehead as a prasadam of Sri Swamy. If Sri Swamy had not given her this dream vision, we, the money minded and worldly people would think that Venkaiah escaped deadly accident by chance and not by the grace of Sri Swamy. So Swamy confirmed his grace through the dream and thus stabilized her devotion to Sri Swamy.

Chemudugunta Audeiah was in bed due to paralysis and he could sit in the cot only with the help of other people. He was a daily wage earner. After spending some hundreds of rupees now he is left in the cot without any improvement and treatment. One night he remembered his former acquaintance with Sri Venkaiah Swamy and prayed to him "If I can sit in the cot without any body’s help I will come for your darshan. To his great surprise, by next morning he was able to sit without anybody’s help. So he took two men with him and came to Golagamudi. They carried him on their hands from the bus to the temple. Within three days he was able to walk with the help of a walking stick. On the third night in his dream Sri Swamy asked him to walk without any stick. From next morning he began to walk without support. Even today Sri Swamy speaks to his devotees in his most symbolic, venerable and cryptic method and guide his people in right direction.

Gonugunta Ramamma :- She was obsessed with an evil spirit and very weak. She did not relish food. She suffered terrible body pains. The efforts of doctors and quacks and yantra and tantras failed. She heard of Sri Swamy and came to Golagamudi .On that night in her dream a man said "Chi, idiot, have you come here also. Go out". By next morning her health was alright and took normal food.

Sainath drove away the evil spirit of Hamsaraj with a slap and the poison from Shyama with a word. Akkalkota swamy drove away the ignorance of a lady in the same manner.

"Even though one becomes ashes after death when we order him to come, he should come" said Sri Swamy. Swamy proves the validity of the statement even after his mahasamadhi.

In 1983 her buffalo could not deliver the calf that was dead in its womb. The buffalo was in a life and death situation. The veterinary doctor came and said, "The buffalo will survive only if the dead calf is removed from its womb". So he pulled the dead calf out of his mother’s womb. He asked to remove the entire placenta, water and other bad matter that came out with the dead calf and clean the place so that he can administer injections to the buffalo. She said "My Swamy will not leave me without a calf. So I will wait for three hours and then only remove the dead calf from its mother". So saying she covered a wet towel on the dead calf and sprinkled udhi on the calf and sat near the calf in silent prayer. The veterinary doctor was stunned at the deep-rooted faith of that lady towards her Swamy. So he also wanted to see what happens to the calf. After two hours the calf showed movements and it opened its eyes and survived. The doctor praised her faith as well as the miraculous powers of Sri Venkaiah Swamy. In the above critical condition she vowed Sri Swamy "If the calf lives I will give it away to Swamy and also the milk of one time a day". Even though three months time had passed, she did not keep her promise. One day in her dream Sri Swamy said, "Mother, you have completely forgotten my milk". The next morning she offered the milk to Sri Swamy at Golagamudi.

Her financial condition was very bad .Her husband was in bed. She was forced to sell away the buffalo for the medical expenditure of her husband .The calf was drinking milk. Nobody would purchase a buffalo without a calf. So the broker fixed a cost of rupees fifty to the calf and five hundred to the buffalo and they were sold away for that rate. But that poor woman has to give the calf to Sri Swamy as per her vow, but now, as she was selling it, she must pay Sri Swamy at least its cost. She neglected and spent the fifty rupees for personal expenditure. After six months omniscient Swamy appeared to her in her dream and said, "You are due to me one hundred and fifty rupees. Go and execute a promissory note with your thumb impression to that effect at Golagamudi ashram". She did so at once. Sri Swamy collects his dues with interest and fine also.

Gunduboyina Narasaiah (Anapalapadu) lost his two offsprings within a few days after their birth. In 1983 the third issue, a female child, suffered from fever and fits from fifth day of birth. She was vomiting milk and medicine and was very weak. On the seventh day, her temperature came down with the eye balls up and the legs and hands without any movement. All the members thought that she would also die in the same way as the first two issues. They cried aloud in wails and groans.
Gonugunta Ramamma who was going on that way came and took the child into her hands and prayed Swamy. She brought vasa (a medicinal piece of a branch of a tree) and took its essence in the mother’s milk and poured that into the mouth of the motionless child. Within a few seconds, the child swallowed the medicine. Ramamma kept the child on the cot and brought udhi from her house and sprinkled under the legs of the cot and in the mouth of the child. The child survived and was named after Sri Swamy, Venkamma.

It is said that the sadguru can make the lame to leap across the holls and the dumb to sing the glory of the almighty. But sadguru Sri Venkaiah Swamy did a little more when he blessed the blind with sight.

Kudumula Jayamma’s house is about thirty houses away north of Vijayalakshmi talkies - Stonehousepet at Nellore. She is a door-to-door flower seller and had to feed her four daughters and her only son. Her son aged about three months was suffering from dysentery. In spite of allopathic treatment for three months, the little child was always bedridden with closed eye. She was thinking that the boy closed the eye because of weakness caused by dysentery. The child was skeleton-like, with stinky odour. One day when the mother was applying face power, a ball of thick cornea fluid dropped down from the left eye of the child.
The eye specialist examined the eyes and said that both the eyes were completely damaged due to virus infection. Both the eye-balls tuned completely white without a trace of black portion. In addition to that, there was a white lump of small pigments in both the eyes and he had lost the cornea fluid to the last drop. He even said that, it would be a waste of money to take the child to Madras. The grief stricken poor mother again visited the same doctor on the fourth day begging the doctor to re-examine the case. The doctor abused the mother for her negligence and sent her back.
On the advise of Pabbu Seshaiah, her neighbor, she brought the child to Golagamudi. She vowed to Swamiji that she would offer camphor worth twenty rupees and sleep at his Samadhi for five nights. What a wonder! By next Saturday both the eyes of the child regained sight. The dysentery that troubled the child for the last two months was also completely cured. Thus he took one more sheep into his fold and blessed it with love and faith. It is to be noted that eye-sight was regained without applying even a trace of medicine.

Iraga Sreedevamma W/o. Ramanaiah near three years by Diwali festival of 1989. He was alright on that day. From Diwali festival he suffered from fever for five days. On the fifth day both his legs lost sensation and he could not stretch his legs. The doctors in Nellore confirmed that it was polio case and referred to Madras for treatment. For current treatments, thousands of rupees were spent but in vain. While passing stool, his legs could not withstand the weight of the body. So we had to hold him up with our hands in his arm pits at that time. I lost food and sleep with a grief stricken heart. God alone knew my mental torture at the plight of my son. At that time I never heard of Swamy.

My brother assured me that Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy alone could save my son. I prostrated before Swamy’s phone and wept for a long time. When my mind became normal, I vowed to offer flower garlands and some rice to Swamy and earnestly begged Swamy to give legs to my son. On the same night in my dream, a doctor poked both the feet of my son with a syringe needle and went away with his medical kit. Most astonishingly by the next morning my son began to walk. I cannot explain my happiness at that moment.

My son was walking, but not perfectly well. I once again began to appeal to Swamy, with tears. One day in my dream I saw an old man patting my son on his back and he asked him to walk by holding his arm. By the next morning he began to walk well. I served Swamy for forty days at Golagamudi and offered garlands and rice as per my vow. I am greatly indebted to Sri Swamy throughout my life.

Faith moves mountains. Such strong faith towards Guru or God is possible only through immense merits done in the past lives. Here we learn that Swamy is utilizing us as a means of propaganda in his mission. Tenali Kodanda Ramaiah - Badwel P.O., Manubolu Mandal Nellore District - writes as follows:
In 1986, I was in coma state due to heart attack and was admitted in Sindhura Nursing home, Nellore, A.P. On the second day I regained consciousness. After a week’s treatment the doctor sent me to Madras for operation as the case was a serious one. On my way to Madras my brother took me to Golagamudi and we stayed for a night at the Samadhi Mandir. Next day I was admitted at Vijaya Nursing home, Madras. After checkup, Dr.Ganesh said, "Without open heart surgery, there is no hope of survival." So he asked us to deposit eighty thousand rupees immediately. I bluntly refused to undergo operation and requested the doctor to try with medicines. They tried for twelve days with medicine and discharged me. He said, "Two of the valves in the heart are completely damaged and need replacement. Severe heart attack may occur at anytime. You must stay under the direct supervision of a doctor so as to administer emergency injections. You must take complete bed rest in a room with attached bathroom facility. You should not walk even a few steps."
I came home and began to take the darshan of Sri Swamy’s Samadhi once in a week regularly. I cast off my entire burden on Sri Swamy and began to walk ten kilometer every week for the sake of Sri Swamy’s darshan at Golagamudi. The most wonderful thing was that, in spite of my ten kilometers walk per week, I never got any kind of heart trouble at all as expected by the doctor.
After three months when I went to Madras for checkup, the doctor suspected that I was walking and got furious at my strange behavior. Again he gave me a prescription and wanted me to be careful regarding bed rest.
By this time I became more vehement and continued my weekly walking and darshan of Sri Swamy at Golagamudi. I fully knew that I did not get any heart trouble only due to the grace of Sri Swamy. So I vowed to Swamy that I would not take any medicine thereafter and I would continue to walk for his weekly darshan.
After two months I had to walk continuously for four days twenty kilometers a day, in search of my lost buffaloes. But there was no heart trouble at all.
When I went to Madras for a second round medical checkup, the doctor expressed his full satisfaction at my ninety percent of cure and advised me to continue the same course of medicine and rest. The doctor was surprised when I showed him the whole lump of tables and informed him that I did not take any medicine at all for the last three months. My cure without medicine and rest was a mystery for the doctor. When he heard of my trips to Sri Swamy’s darshan he also was convincing about the great powers of Sri Swamy.
After a fortnight, Swamy said in my dream "I am utilizing you as an instrument for propaganda. You must inform the people in the neighboring villages about your experience". So I have distributed pamphlets narrating my wonderful experience. I have also conducted akanda namajapa , bhajan and dhuni, day and night for forty days at my home I did not understand how feeding in a large scale was conducted throughout that period without any pre plan. All the visitors conducted every thing at their own cost and on their own accord .It was all conducted by Swamy’s grace as a part of his mission .We cannot but simply obey his orders.

We are attracted to our sadguru according to the contact of previous births at the proper time. My friend’s wife was suffering from bleeding for the last seven years, which started at the time of her delivery. She was very weak and grief stricken. They have tried their luck with every famous doctor. But nobody could understand the root cause of the disease. Hyderabad specialists told that they cannot estimate the cost of treatment and if once started it must go on to any length of time. If we stop the treatment in the middle, the whole treatment will be a waste. They were in a dilemma as to whether they should start the treatment or not.
One day one of her friends gave her a small booklet about Bhagvan Sri Venkaiah Swamy. As the book was very interesting, she began to read it again and again. Sri Swamy spoke to her from her heart. He said "How can I cure you if you are there? Come to Golagamudi. I will cure you". She offered her heart felt pranams to Swamy’s picture in the book and begged "Swamy! I am suffering for the last seven years. How can I come to Golagamudi? If you kindly give me a little relief by this evening I promise to come for your darsan to Golagamudi".
The wonder of wonders happened by that evening. There was not a trace of bleeding. She never had such a perfect relief from bleeding for the last seven years. In that great exhilaration they spent the whole night in prayers and discussions about Sri Swamy’s greatness. After a week’s observation they confirmed it purely as the grace of Sri Swamy and offered 108 circumbulations to Swamy’s Samadhi Mandir at Golagamudi. Thus they met their appointed guru at the proper time.

My friend went on a pilgrimage and did not turn up for a long time. I came to Golagamudi and prayed to Swamy to send my friend home. On the same night in my dream my friend told me that he was coming soon. My friend who was at Rishikesh had a strong urge to go home on the same night and returned home.
On 02-02-1989, I came to Golagamudi after my trip to Kumbhamela at Prayag. That night I had a dream in which Sri Swamy was giving harathi (waving a burning camphor) to Seetha Rama statues in a temple. He asked me to offer a coin in the harathi plate. When I put a coin, at once it turned into two gold coins. He also directed me to sleep near dhuni. Thus merciful Swamy showed me the goal and the way and he is guiding me every minute.
One day I gave Swamy’s Suprabhat cassette to our Ramalaya priest for use. As he was not aware of anything about Sri Swamy he did not play the cassette. Swamy directed the priest in his dream to play the cassette in the morning hours.

Sri Swamyji responds not only when we pray but also when we forgot to call him. Day and night he will be ever alert in guarding our welfare. Once he promised "I will be ever with you as long as the thread is unbroken". What is the binding thread that Sri Swamy refers here? "He is in all creatures" - this unbroken thought and our attitude towards others creatures with such understanding is the unbroken thread. There are many incidents of quite strangers who do not know anything about Sri Swamy being saved by Swamy. Thereafter they became strong devotees of Sri Swamy.

Lakkalula Krishnaiah - Pharmacist - Kulluru (PO) Kaluvoy Mandal - Nellore district, A.P. who admitted his son at Apollo Hospital, Madras writes like this.
My son Sreenivasulu aged fifteen was hale and healthy. On 17.10.1987 at 3 P.M. he took chapatti at home, complained headache and vomited. He suffered fits also. At once we admitted him in a nursing home at Kaluvoy and gave saline and injections but invain. Next day we admitted him at the nursing home of Ramakrishna Reddy, children’s specialist - Nellore. After three days treatment he advised us to admit him at Apollo Hospital, Madras. By the time we took him to Madras to admit him at Apollo hospital he started suffering from motions also. After scanning and angiogram checkup, the doctor asked me whether I could bear the huge expenses for an immediate brain operation. I appealed that I am an N.G.O. and can afford to spend to some extent only. Without my consent the doctor discharged my son and referred to General Hospital. We could not stay for more than a few hours at the General Hospital after admission. I brought my son back to Nellore in a taxi and admitted him at Prabhakar naidu and Radha Hospital, Nellore.
The doctor rebuked us for moving the boy in such a serious condition and asked us to go to Visakhapatnam or Hyderabad for treatment. After two days rest at Nellore again he was admitted at Apollo Hospital, Madras on 23.10.1987. In spite of a second round scanning and angiogram tests that costed ten thousand rupees, the doctors could not exactly diagnose the disease. The doctor said that brain operation is requested the doctors to try with medicines without operation even if it costed seventy thousand rupees. Till that time they had no specific idea about the disease.

On 26.10.1987 night, his grandfather appeared to my son in his dream and said that he was alright. Actually he was in a bad condition. Next night in my dream an old man said that my son was alright. But really there was no improvement in his condition. Day by day he was getting weaker and weaker. Next night in my dream Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy appeared and said, "the boy is alright. Don’t keep him in the hospital. Take him home immediately. I am at Penna Badwel, (a place near our village where Sri Swamy did penance for a anumber of years) bring the boy there" In my dream Swamy was in the same form as I saw him ten years back at Dachur.
Next morning all the doctors had a conference and discussed about this case. With the help of latest tests they decided that he was in perfect health and discharged him from the hospital. From that day the boy was alright. We took the boy to Pennabadwel as per the direction of Sri Swamy. In December 1987 and January 1988, he got medical checkup at Madras. There was no complaint. He passed S.S.C. Public Examination in 1989 March.
In this critical time all my attention was on doctors but not on any Gods or Sri Venkaiah Swamy because I am a pharmacist by profession. But merciful swamy came to my rescue and saved my son just for the little service offered to him ten years back at Dachur. "Even if you leave me I will I will not leave you," said Sri Swamy. Even after his Mahasamadhi he is still alive and true to his word. So my humble appeal to all brothers and sisters is, to worship his Dhuni and Samadhi at Golagamudi even though we do not have any problems to be solved by Swamy. That will be the selfless service to God. Give plenty of food to Kakabali in the act accordingly with reverence. This will give us everlasting protection of Sri Swamy.

Smt. V.Vimalamma wife of V.Balakrishna, Assistant treasury officer, Nellore, explains her experience with Sri Swamy. I heard about Sri Venkaiah Swamy from Sri E.Bharadwaja garu. But I did not come to Golagamudi. In 1989 I prayed Sri Swamy like this. "Swamy! I will read Avadhuta leela with devotion for three times. After this you must visit my house between 12:30 - 1:30 P.M. and sit under the parijata tree where I will smear the floor with cow dung and decorate it with rangoli. You must eat food offered by me." I have finished my devotional reading and I was waiting for his arrival after the preparation of food. Even though it is 1:00 P.M. he is not to be seen. I felt very much dejected and said "Swamy what is my fault? Is all my parayana a waste?" on seeing my condition my neighbour wanted to call some beggars. But I did not agree for that. As soon as I sat in the puja room, I heard a sweet voice calling me "Amma" at the street door. I went there with great anxiety. An old man with Dhovathi upto knees, a towel on his shoulders, and a kaki shirt on his body, a stick in one hand and aluminum Tiffin in another hand was standing there asking for food. No doubt he is Sri Swamy. My joy knew no bounds. I lost control over my body. I invited him into the house for taking his lunch and walked in front of him. In that state of happiness I do not know whether I was walking on the ground or floating in the air.
By the time I brought pongal and rice from the house Sri Swamy once again gave me a pleasant surprise. I expected him to be present in the verandah. But to my utter surprise he is not there. But he is sitting under the Parijata tree where I have decorated the floor with rangoli for him. If he were an ordinary beggar he would never have dared to sit there. He asked me to serve the food in the aluminum tiffin. But on my request he obliged to take it in a leaf plate. In one or two minutes he ate a little food from the middle portion of his leaf plate and washed his hands. While going away he asked me "Is there any dakshina or kukshina for me?" I offered dakshina and prostrated before his feet. He kept his hand on my head and blessed me. I experienced bliss and could not recognize this world for some time. I was in that blissful state for some days and then only gradually came to the normal state. I followed him saying farewell and crossed three houses on the road. He disappeared before my own eyes.
Even though he has fulfilled all the conditions to sit under the Parijata tree, and to come between 12.30 and 1.30 P.M., there is every possibility to suspect that he might be a person who resembles Sri Swamy. As he knew this, to prove that he is Sri Swamy he has disappeared like that. The second thing is the bliss he had graced on me. I am indebted to Sri Swamy all through my life.

Once Sri Swamy said "I respond according to one’s faith." He also said "I will be there till the sun and the moon exists." He proves it literally true, even after his Mahasamadhi.
Doctor Smt. Nagamani M.B.B.S., Pondichery, writes like this. "We both, wife and husband are doctors. In a small book, I have read about the occult powers of Udhi and the sacred thread of Sri Venkaiah Swamy.i went to Golagamudi and took them and I am daily worshipping them in my house at Pondichery. One day the merciful Swamy appeared in my dream and blessed me. He also said that I will get a male child and I should name him after Sri Swamy’s name.
I do not have the photo of Sri Swamy with me. I have completed nine months of pregnancy and I was about to deliver. Everyday I prayed Sri Swamy to look after me and took his sacred Udhi. This being my first delivery, I was very much afraid and wept all through the night and slept at last.
On that night at 3.00 P.M., Sri Swamy blessed me with a dream vision. Sri Swamy was sitting in a blazing sacred fire under the photos of Gods in our house. He said "Why do you fear when I am always with you?" From that moment onwards I became bold and took Udhi in water for every one hour. With the grace of Sri Swamy I had a normal delivery of a male child. I named him ‘Harith’ as per the direction of Sri Swamy. Not only this, whenever it is necessary, he is giving directions in dream to my brothers also. Sri Venkaiah Swamy is Mahavishnu who helps the faithful devotees on earth.

Sri Kamasani Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Sarojini Devi road, 05-01-75B, Tirupati, writes like this.
In 1991 my face was full of boils. A little pus also was oozing from the boils. Even though I have avoided pus- forming -diet, still the boils were generating pus. There was unbearable pain all over my face. I cannot clean my face with water. There was also a foul smell over my face due to these boils.
The general Hospital at Madras, Dr. K.S. Prakash at Banglore, Ruyee Hospital at Tirupathy and three other specialists at Tirupathy could not cure even a little. I have tried all tantrics and also the quack doctors, but in vain. I have spent more than ten thousand rupees for this. I could not show my face out side. It was so ugly. I came out of my house for fresh air only after sun set. Due to unbearable pain I could not sleep during night. I came to such a stage where even the sleeping tablets were of no avail to me. I decided to commit suicide. At this juncture the merciful Swamy came to my rescue.
Smt. Sarojanamma who lives in my opposite house is a strong devotee of Sri Swamy. She gave me Sri Swamy’s oil for application and she put the thread of Sri Swamy in my neck and gave the Abhisheka Theertha for me to drink. Most wonderfully, with in two days my maximum pains were reduced. So I dropped the attempts of suicide. Smt. Sarojanamma gave me a letter to Barigala Nagaiah requesting him to keep in the service of Sri Swamy for some time. From the time I came to Golagamudi I was able to sleep well all my pains vanished. With in a month all the boils on my face disappeared. Sri Swamy gave me rebirth from the verge of suicide. I am indebted to Sri Swamy all through my life.

Sri Guddeti Anjaneyalu electricity department, Kovuru, Nellore district, A.P. Writes like this: - in November 1985 - Anikepalli bus kicked the jatka in which I was traveling. All the people in the cart fell helter-skelter, but none, including the horse had any major injuries. Some thing happened in my backbone. There was a great pain in it and so I could not lie down on my bed. The doctors at Madras, Hyderabad and Guntur tried their best but in vain, I have spent nearly one lakh rupees but even a little of pain was not reduced. Like this I suffered a lot for two years.
At last the doctors decided that I would not survive long. With this advice I could not relish any food. Naturally all the members of my family could not touch food. For their sake I began to take a little food. In addition to my physical pain my mental torture scorched me a lot. My pain and position could not be put on paper. In this critical position Sri Venkaiah Swamy of Golagamudi sent a word through my friends to come to his land of penance, the sacred Ashramam.
On the advice of my friends I went to Golagamudi. The wonder of wonders and the miracle of Miracles took place. The grace of Sri Swamy fell on me. Seventy-five percent of my pain vanished without doing any concrete sadhana. Nobody could believe this change. Merciful Swamy gave a new birth to me who was struggling in the claws of death. Now I am taking weekly darshan of Sri Swamy. 95% of my pain vanished. The rest 5% of pain is there. In view of the past bad karma I decided to suffer that 5% of pain till the end of my life. Now I rejoiced my duty and am discharging all my duties well. I pray Sri Swamy to make me his fittest son in the conduct of my daily life.

Smt. Sobha - Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad, A.P. writes her rare and wonderful experience like this. In the year 1992 there was a skin disease on my face. My face was very ugly to look at with ugly dark patches all over. There was a great itching sensation on the patches. The patches spread all over my body also and I looked like a leprosy patient. I have tried with all the specialist doctors and applied all their medicines but in vain. Both my brothers are M.B.B.S. doctors. They tried a lot for my relief. I was vexed with all these treatments. At this juncture Sri Swamy himself came to me in the form of the booklet ‘Krupakaradu’. My brother Sri Seshagiri Rao asked me to correct the proof for this booklet. On reading the experiences of the devotees I prayed Sri Swamy like this "Swamy! Kindly redeem my bad karma and see that my faith is deep rooted in you. I will not use any medicine except your udhi for a week." I began to smear udhi of Sri Swamy all over my body. Within four days not only the patches on my face but those that are all over my body disappeared. Sri Swamy proved that he is God on earth in this Kaliyuga. I cannot repay his debt of gratitude all through my life.

An illiterate devotee’s experience proves that the real devotion and heartfelt prayer, with tears will melt the heart of Sri Swamy and make him respond to our prayer.

Naluboyee Siddamma W/o N.Subbaramaiah, a native of Golagamudi (Yerukalapalem) has no children even after eight years of her marriage. All her trials with the doctors and yantras failed. She resorted to Mastan vallli Darga at Tarunavoi village. But she could not stay and serve the Samadhi there for a long time. In 1982 she was suffering from fever and was admitted in the nursing home of Doctor Indiramma at Nellore. In spite of their treatment for a week she could not recover from the fever. Due to vomiting, she could not take any kind of food. They feared that she would die and so returned home. She came to Sri Swamy and wanted to circumambulate after taking a bath in the pond. All their efforts to supply hot water to her failed. With the help of others she took a bath in the pond and took a single Pradakshina. On that night he slept in Anjaneya Swamy temple. From next morning her fever, which brought her to Sri Swamy, vanished and began to eat food normally.
With this, her faith in Sri Swamy became deep rooted. She decided not to leave Sri Swamy till she got an assurance from Sri Swamy about her off-springs. She began to serve Sri Swamy eating the self cooked food and living under trees, avoiding all sorts of human contact. She was taking endless Pradakshinas with tears in her eyes.
One day in her dream, the farmers of Golgamudi were beating her pig as it was damaging their crops. She was praying them not to beat it. In the mean time Sri Venkaiah Swamy came there and said "all your troubles are due to this creature. We should not allow it to live." He threw the pig into the sea.
Even after thirty-five days, there was no response from Sri Swamy. So with grief stricken heart she could not eat food of the servants of Sri Swamy for thirty-five days, Sri Swamy did not tell me a word directly. My life is a waste." She thought also. On that day the merciful Swamy appeared in her dream and gave her betel nuts and said in loving voice "I have given you off-springs and you take food." Within a year she got a male child. She wanted to name him after Sri Swamy. But Sri Swamy directed her in her dreams to name the child after their Gods and name the second female child after him. Even today she comes and sits quiet with her problem in mind. The merciful Swamy appears in her dream and tell her the solution to her problem. Who can measure the depth of her faith in Sri Swamy!

Real devotion and tears melt the heart of Sri Swamy to redeem their troubles, however great they may be. Patnam Khadar Mastan resides by the side of S.P. Bungalow, Nellore. In Februry 1985, he was suffering from dysentery. He reports his experience like this. "The Cancer Institute, Madras, decided that it is a cancer case and needed immediate operation of the rectum. They advised me to stay in the hospital for ten months otherwise death would be inevitable to me. I decided death was more peaceful then all the troubles in the hospital. So we came back to Nellore. I took quick treatment at Ongole but in vain.
One night I remembered the acquaintance with Sri Swamy when he was alive and shed tears regarding my pitiable plight. On that night in my dream I saw Sri Swamy fanning me with a velvet cloth. I woke up from my dream and actually saw Sri Swamy going away from my bed. In my utter amazement I could not call anybody and ran to Sri Swamy. By the next day morning the dysentery was perfectly cured. Within a week, I picked up good health. Even after two years I am blessed with good health. I cannot repay the debt to Sri Swamy in my life."

One day the mother of J.C.Penchalaiah took her younger son for the blessings of Sri Swamy. Sri Swamy said "We have given him a punyam of thirty crores. He will become a great man". Thus he blessed him. Now he is in Arabia, earning twenty five thousand rupees per month both wife and husband. Even if we do not have any problem let us offer a coconut in his sacred dhuni and get his blessings for our better future.

Here is an example to show how we get immediate blessings of Sri Swamy when we utilize all our time in right direction.
The mercy of Sri Swamy burns our sins like fire and our sadhana is like air. Without air the fire will not burn anything. The following experience proves the above statement.
A devotee who is not willing to publish her name was suffering with boils all over her body including her private parts. She had no food and sleep because of her pains. She was not able to move any of her limbs. She was unable to drag herself on the floor. She was surviving on a liquid diet only to avoid the trouble of bowel movement. All her trials with doctors, quack doctors and other tantricks failed. Except her husband, she had none to serve her. As a last hope he brought her to Sri Swamy who was at Narayana Das Ashramam, Talupur village. Sri Swamy ordered her to stay in his blessed presence for a week to get back her good health (relief).
Her sadhana and the bodily pain she suffered during this period, melted Sri Swamy’s heart. She took two gunny bags and moved on one at a time. Like that she began to take Pradakshinas (circumbulations) around Sri Swamy’s thatched shed day and night without any rest. It was the scorching summer. She had no bath. She was laden with dust. Subbaramaiah asked her to sit on a gunny bag and he would take her around the shed. But she declined to oblige my request, as it was an act of sin to take the services of others.
On the third day when Subbaramaiah went for the darshan of Sri Swamy, he could not believe my own eyes. Now she is walking like an ordinary woman. She explained like this "last night I slept a little on the gunny bag. By the time I woke up all my pains vanished along with the boils on my body. Thereafter I am able to walk like any other ordinary people. I am indebted a lot to Sri Swamy." Thus she expressed her gratitude with eyes full of tears.


The padukas are the most important features in Datta tradition. In our state as well as in our country the Datta padukas bear great importance. In Narasobhavi, a place where Nrusinha Saraswathi, the Datta incarnation, lived in secret for sometime, the Padukas appear for themselves (not man made). In Gangapur, an important place of this incarnation, his padukas are installed in the Math. Again at Akka Mahadevi caves at Srisailem, he installed his Padukas. The fourth incarnation of Datta, Sri Akkalkota Swamy gave his Padukas to his Chela (Sishya) who was very dear to him. Those Padukas are the direct structures of Datta Sri Saibaba who is a complete incarnation of Datta, said to a devotee who was prostrating to his lotus feet. "These are eternal and top most sacred things. You will reach the goal by resorting to them. For that reason, at Shiridi today under the neem tree, his first abode, and in Dwarakamai Masjid which was his abode for nearly fifty-nine years, his padukas are installed along with his photos. In all holy places of Datta, on every Thursday the padukas are kept in a Palaquin and they are taken in a procession. Sri Swamy shouted for those Padukas only. This is also the tradition of Guru. So the Padukas of the universal Guru are so dearer to Sri Swamy. So he hugged them to his chest for such a long period without giving them to anybody. So there is nothing, which he asked for so much and which, he hugged to his chest for so long. So he taught us that he is also from Datta lineage and we his devotees also must resort to them sincerely. If we do not resort to them, what else can he do? "I will let them go if they want to go" is the main principle for him. He is very fond of those Padukas because he was a brother of Sainath of Shiridi.

Before Mahasamadhi, he used to shout frequently "the sun is going down". He reminded us on one hand that his direct presence was coming to an end and on the other hand he also reminds us that our life span was getting shorter every minute. Once he counted his bed sheets and clothes and gave them to Guravaiah and asked him to preserve them carefully. In the year 1980 the first lorry of bricks was going to come on that night for the construction of Samadhi Mandir. He ordained all his men to sleep in that place where the present Samadhi Mandir was constructed. He also said to them "there will come a maszid equal in size to penchalakona. We can understand these words only if we have understood his meaning of Padukas. In our tradition or in the tradition of Muslims we never refer the Samadhi of a saint as Maszid. In our country there is only one temple called Maszid that is at Shirdi only. It is not only a Maszid to the muslim but also a residence of Lord Sainath of Datta tradition. There is a sacred fire in the maszid. Sai is Lord Datta. His tradition was also the tradition of Sri Guru Padukas. He is the elder brother of Sri Venkaiah Swamy. The experiences of innumerable devotees prove that Sri Swamy was one of the forms of Sri Sai who is one with all sadhus.

After the construction of Samadhi Mandir and Mahasamadhi of Sri Swamy, only at the instigation of Sri Swamy they have installed a Shirdi Sainath photo along with Sri Swamy’s photos. That means, it is not only his abode but also the abode of Sainath. These three leelas show that the Swamy’s will was, that there be installed the padukas of Sri Datta Swamy in the Samadhi mandir and also the marble image of Sri Shirdi Sai. The life history was written by me a Sai devotee and the material was collected by Pesala Subbaramaih another Sai devotee and keeping him in his sacred presence only prove this. The resemblance of these two saints can be seen in their leelas also. Sri Venkaiah Swamy gave in writing "I am in all creatures". But he orally declared this truth at the end of his life on earth. But his brother Sainath gave experiences of this truth not only when he was alive amongst us but also even after his Mahasamadhi. The thing (spirit), which is in all creatures, is only one and not many. So Sri Sai and Sri Swamy are not different from each other. Those two forms are the two padukas of Lord Datta. All his devotees should hug those padukas to their chest and install them in their hearts. So Sri Swamy hugged them to his chest. He yearned for them for such a long time and called for them.

Two months before Mahasamadhi Sri Swamy was suffering with asthma and declared on paper "I am going away". When he was unconscious, every body thought that Sri Swamy was shedding away his body. But after a few hours he got and sat erect and said "the upper Gods did not permit me to go. They wanted me to be on earth for some more time and come later". In this respect also he followed his elder brother Sri Sainath who left his body for seventy two hours and came back to life and said that the Gods did not agree for his departure from the earth.

At present, daily hundreds of people take the darshan of Sri Swamy. They got rid of their evil spirits, diseases and solve their court problems. Some childless couple get children with Sri Swamy’s blessings. All the problems of the human race are solved here by the darshan of Sri Swamy. Some distant devotees are able to contact Swamy through books and the word of their friends. Sri Swamy directs some people in their dreams to come to Sri Swamy at Golagamudi. He is accomplishing his incarnation job in many ways. Te sacred fire that was lit by Sri Swamy’s own hands is taken care of even this present day and it will continue to burn forever. There are two perpetual oil lamps, one at his Samadhi and the other in the thatched shed where he left his mortal coil. The hundi collections and spot receipts are the main income. It is more than a lakh per month. The sansthan offers free meal, two times a day, for all the visitors. On Saturdays, thousands of people are served food from 12 noon to 5 P.M. (no free meals on Saturday night). There are seven books on Sri Venkaiah Swamy published by the sansthan and many more by others.

I request the readers to find out for themselves the validity of Sri Swamy’s supernatural powers and his work of this incarnation and be truthful devotees of Sri Swamy and come out of the cycle of births and deaths. Even today he guides the sincere Sadakas in the path of subra marga. People of all castes and isms are devotees to Swamy. He guides everybody according to the principles of their own religion. He never asked to change their religion, Guru or God. Take the darshan and be blessed.