Remembers Even After Rebirths

Man is a part and parcel of paratatwa. But due to ignorance he thinks that he is the body and the people responsible for that are "his parents", he is jumble of such delusions. Due to the instigation of lust, greed, anger, jealousy, pride etc he will commit so many good and bad things. To experience the results of these deeds he will be taking a number of births again and again with ignorance. Due to the merits of their previous births only, a very few among them are blessed with the association of satpurushas. With the help of the power of that association, their power of discrimination and dispassion wakes up in the seekers and by their self-effort they become satpurushas too. The spirit of Lord Datta who is on the earth to grace the human race takes the form of such satpurusha and brings welfare to the living creatures on earth. Such satpurusha will be clearly aware of their previous lives and the fruits of their karma in all the creatures. We see this in the lives of so many satpurushas. Here I put forth some examples of Sri Swamy's omniscience regarding the previous lives of his devotees.

In 1979 Sri Swamy was at Inukurthi Village. One day a woman in insufficient rags on her body and a Palmyra fish basket in her hand was going on that way. Sri Swamy called her and ordered his servants to feed her sumptuously and give her a sari and ten rs cash. The did accordingly and asked Sri Swamy "who she was". Sri Swamy said "Ayya! In the previous live she was the daughter in law of Mysore Maharajah. She did not give any (alms) dana and dharma she has become like this in this birth.

One day Sri Swamy said to Chalamanaidu "Ayya! In the previous life we were in the house of the Rajavenkatagiri and studied. I studied Governor course and you studied Judge course. Then we lived in palace. Both of us were unmarried. Now we are in thatched houses. Do we get palaces always? After that we were in the house of Raja of Pithapuram. Now I came to Nagullavelatur.

In the beginning when Guravaiah came to the service of Sri Swamy he could not speak clearly. He was stammering. Servants asked Sri Swamy "Swamy! Kindly give education to Guravaiah". Then Sri Swamy said "Ayya! He knows every thing".

Regarding Kuduru Venkamma Sri Swamy said "You were the daughter-in-law of "flags and banners" you lived in a palace wearing gold ornaments and you had your looks only on sky but not to earth. One day your leg touched the flag and the flag bowed and you fell flat on your face. The flag cursed you to be born on earth and live the life of a widow. If the curse were not there you would not have the marriage at all. But due to the curse, you got your early marriage in the child hood and lost your husband. But we will not desert you.

Mallika Venkaiah came to Sri Swamy at the age of 25 and was in his service till his last breath in 1984. Supply of firewood to the sacred fire was his duty. He is the only person whom Sri Swamy did invite to his service.
One day Mallika Venkaiah heard of Sri Swamy as a great soul and he came to see Sri Swamy. On seeing him Sri Swamy asked him to come near and said "Ayya! Will you live with me?"
Venkaiah said "No, Swamy! I wont come to you. If I come to you, I have to go for begging food, it is not possible for me to do that job. Sri Swamy said" Abbe! Nothing of that sort. In Rameshwaram, I was Manager and you were head clerk. For a number of births both of us are coming together. All your karmic dues in that part are over. So come to me.

Venkaiah said, "If you tell me mantra to drive away evil spirits, Mantra for sore foot in cattle, Katerumantra, Poleramma Mantram, Scorpion and snake mantram, I will come to you".

Sri Swamy said "OK I will tell you those mantras if you come to me. You will act as a leader to our fire wood gathering batch of workers. Those people will come behind you. Sri Swamy got that chit written to that effect and gave it to Venkaiah. Not only that, Sri Swamy gave him that mantra and corrected his mistakes of pronunciation also. Till the last Venkaiah was king without crown and served his Guru God like a true sadhaka.

At Indukurthi village there was a teacher. His son had lost the power of his limbs due to the defect in the brain. When the doctors failed to cure him they brought him to Sri Swamy for his blessings.

Sri Swamy said, "What can we do. It is the bad karma incurred in the previous life by beathing the racehorses. In the previous life he was the driver of the race horses and beat them mercilessly. He must experience that karma."

One day a sadhu suffering with fits came to Sri Swamy for his blessings.
A devotee asked Sri Swamy that this sadhu was leading such a pious life and how can he experience that disease?
Sri Swamy said in the previous births he was hunter of birds. He hunted for joy. Should he not pay the penalty for that? He fell down on the earth like a bird falling down, rolling in the air. Sri Swamy explained how wonderfully the karmic principle works.

One day a girijan lady and her three children came to ashramam with very hungry stomachs. Sri Swamy ordered his men to serve them food in a leaf plate. The children have eagerly eaten away the food in the leaf plate even before their mother eaten it. Again and again they were served food till all of them were satisfied.

Sri Swamy said, "These are not only children to her. At home there are still four more children. In the previous life she was the daughter-in-law of Venkatagiri Rajah. Without giving any thing to her seven maid servants she used to eat everything for herself. Those seven maid servants are now born as her seven children and are troubling her by not allowing her to eat well.